Sunday, 29 July 2018


HOORAY! Yes I for one and happy that it's rained almost all day! It was raining when I got up and it's still raining now!

I have even had to put on a cardigan against the slight chill! perfect!

I can almost feel the relief of the plants and flowers in my garden as the rain continues allowing them the chance to get some precious water into their systems. Plus it also meant that last night was cool , so finally a decent nights sleep.

However not everything has been smooth sailing because ahead of the rain yesterday we had some very strong winds. Now we live almost at the top of a hill which means the wind can be very strong.

I'd not long been in from work and was walking past the french doors when from the corner of my eye I catch movement as the wind lifted one end of the gazebo and following a loud crash dropped it back down with one leg now standing into the large pot of the bay tree that was beside it!

I dashed outside, swiftly followed by Paul as I'd called out what had happened and we struggled to lift the leg from the pot back to the ground ! The wind was still gusting and whipping about , so I quickly because to release the ties that tethered the canvas roof fabric to the frame. Paul joined me and after a short while we'd removed the canvas roof.

Now the crash we'd heard was Neptune's head being knocked off the wall and taking two pots on it's way down to the ground , where it was laying face down!
I couldn't bring myself to lift it to see the damage so when straight to removing the roofing canvas.

It was Paul who eventually lifted him up, I asked what damage had been done to him? and waited for the details but Paul replied none!!!!
Somehow despite being knock off the wall and hitting two pots and landing five foot onto his face , he was unharmed!!

I'd hummed and ahh'ed about whether to buy this gazebo because it can be so wind here but since it had a roof vent I'd hoped that would help. Paul had suggested screwing it down to the patio but I'd not wanted to ruining the paving and look where that's got me ! I had originally planned for Paul to build a more stolid structure and since this is the first bit of decent wind we've had here and this has happened , we may have to do back to that plan if we cannot sort out a good way to weight it down.
Then one of my daughters will be getting a lovely gazebo !

The broken pots, you can see the drop Neptune took ! A plastic box which we'd been filling with water for Rufus to cool down in also got hit and broken!

The leg of the gazebo also took a massive bit out of the bay tree in the pot it landed in! Hopefully this wound will not get infected and cause the tree to die.

The broken branch of the bay tree.

Neptune resting on the patio table after his shocking fall! We were so lucky! If he'd been broken I would have been so sad because we've had him a long time and never seen another one of this quality and if we did he'd probably cost an arm and a leg now !

Now the day before I'd had a good result . We needed some small tables to put either side of the sofa so that we could place our drinks etc on them and out of easy reach of the dogs. I had found a table which we already owned that was a set with two chairs but hardly used now. Then I found this table above on a website, which was very similar
but looked to be slightly shorter than the one we already had.

But when Paul put it together it turned out to not only be the same height but almost a perfect match to the old table ! So once the warm weather returns and they say it will, we'll have a table each end of the sofa for peoples drinks etc.

I've spent an hour of two cleaning up my studio and putting things away and it was so nice to have the blinds up and be in there pottering about. I took some photos of my Schoenhut dolls as I needed to sort out their shelf.

I've also started gathering a few things for Lucas in wonderland , so it's slowly coming together.

Lucas is resting , he said he felt quite tired, Mossy is watching him with a worried frown, I wonder why?

Wishing you all the weather you'd like this coming week, enjoy the time ahead




  1. So good to hear that the Neptune survived the tempest unscathed!

  2. Wow Dee! What a wind storm and I am happy too the Neptune survived. He looks like a pretty tough character though and it will take more than a five foot fall onto pots to stop him! Your tables are great and what luck to find a matching one. Your daughter will love her new gazebo and Lucas thought it was a kite caught in the wind. What is that boy up to now??? 😊 xxx

    1. We were so lucky with Neptune! and yes the table are a great match.
      Lucas that scamp! :) xxx

  3. WOW I'm glad that your Neptune didn't get smashed Dee, and is that a slight smile I see on his face after his acrobatics? I think it is!! He must have enjoyed a bit of a free fall :)
    We also had one of these metal gazebos in our garden in Estepa where we are also at the top of a very high hill and again, like you, suffer from high winds. Ours blew up in the air and landed on the roof of the bathroom! Fortunately it didn't damage anything on the way, only itself. It's metal legs were quite mangled. Then the next one we replaced it with, that suffered when we had a heavy snow fall one day some years completely broke in half. We have wooden ones now both here and at our house and have to say they've survived so much better than the metal ones. I can see another job for Paul on the horizon!!!

    1. We were very lucky with Neptune's adventure! :) I knew there was a reason I should not have bought it but here you go, you live and learn.
      Yes yet another job to add to Paul's ever increasing list :) xxx