Monday, 16 July 2018


Well No ! Although this doll is dressed like Alice in Wonderland, that will not be her name. Introducing my birthday present from Paul.

This is a Kaye Wiggs Girl named Missy. However she'll be called Elora here  because she is an Elf.

I just fell for her sweet face and the fact she's an elf is a bonus, I so love all things mystical
and magic and already my imagination is running with stories in which she and the Sasha's can

Funnily enough I have a story line that's been waiting to happen since last year which involves
Lucas and Alice in Wonderland..... maybe now is the time to take it out and start it...

Last a close up of her Elf ears. So I have three days of freedom from work coming up , Lucas is sleeping in the Studio.. he' quite high up... I hope he doesn't fall.......



  1. She is just beautiful Dee! Her face painting is so soft and sweet. A story involving Alice in Wonderland would be very nice and it would also be nice to see Lucas again. Has he started behaving better as he is getting older and wiser (hopefully)? 😊 xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger. I've had the idea for this story for so long! It will be nice to finally get it posted :)
      Mmm he's better than he was but alas not as good as he can be! But then he would be Lucas if he was too good ;) xx

  2. Have to admit that I'm disappointed (as you would/will have guessed) from my point of view, as even though you told ME that it WASN'T a Sasha Doll I WAS STILL expecting something Sasha/new studio accessory related!
    Oh well, what can you expect from a purely 'Sasha Doll only fan!'

    I'm sure though that you will enjoy having her in your doll collection and that you will enjoy many happy times together.

    1. I thought you might be :) At present I need to sort out what I have before I can add anything else to my props. And knowing you are a Sasha only fan I knew you'd be disappointed , she's not a Sasha.

      And I will really enjoy having her in my doll collection :)

  3. Yes! A story! Looking forward to it!!
    I like her elf ears...

    1. Yes a Story brews and Elf ears although not needed could come in handy ! ;)

  4. What a lovely girl and a super present from Paul, Dee :) She is beautiful, her faceup is really pretty, is it her default?
    I look forward to seeing her featuring in stories here on your blog, she's too beautiful not to show her face regularly, don't you think? ;)

    1. Thanks Sharon. It is a lovely present from Paul. I believe it's her default face from the factory but its very well done.
      She'll be in up coming story line but she'll have her own elsewhere with my other Kaye Wiggs dolls :) xx