Sunday 15 July 2018


Another week's rushed by, still baking hot and no sign of rain here, although there was a down pour in a few other places in the country. I thought since this is a Sasha blog I'd actually start with some Sasha photos, even if they are not new!

On the facebook group they are doing favourite photo's this week, so I've been looking through my stash and putting on a few. Like the one above of  a very 60's look. The dress is by Frances Trickett , I cannot believe I actually sold this outfit on ! Like everything there always seems to be another item waiting or wanted!
If I don't use an outfit enough I do tend to sell them , so I can buy new and so it revolves around.

This photo of a group of the boys all wearing Dolly Doodle outfits back in 2012 or 2013 not sure which.

another of the Queen's jubilee party we held in the Village.

Paige meeting Edward,  back in 2012

Ginny on holiday in Shropshire looking out the castle window.

Toby who invited himself along to the Sasha UK Festival was left by the girls to bring in all their shopping when we got back home!

For the theme for the first Chat n Snap back in 2013 Paul made me three shop front's , one I gave to Gill, the second I put into the raffle and the third I kept for a short while but Kendal so loved them , That I had Paul repaint it in the colour  she liked ,which I think was grey, and I sent it to her as a gift.
With Paul saying he'd make me another and with an opening door!

some shops

Seeing the photos today Paul said he'd make me one once the weather cools down! I reminded him, we'd promised one to Michelle, so hopefully I'll have my shop front again, Granny Fortuna will be pleased!!

Well my birthday gift is in the country and just down the road! But I have to wait for them to deliver!!
Which will hopefully be tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest!

The studio due to working all week including Friday and Saturday is just as it was left last Sunday , but I am going to try and go in for at least an hour each evening once it's cooled down to get it moving along.

The props I bought arrived however and Saffy's agreed to show them to you.

First up is this little antique chest , I have bought it more for my other dolls than the Sasha's but it could be used in photos with them too.

It opens to reveal an old red velvet lined box

" I didn't touch it!" cries Saffron as it tilts over !
No she did not ! however it did get damaged in the post with two feet getting broken off. But I loved it, so reported the damage to the seller, who gave me a very generous partial refund, so I'll either get Paul to reattach the feet to keep the height or remove the other two and leave it smaller.

 Another item was this little bench. I want it for my Schoenhut dolls to sit on, since my Sasha's already have a lovely bench.

It's a little short in height between seat and floor, so I'd going to ask Paul to add some wood at the sides to lift it up a bit and I'll also make a small seat cushion to add another bit of height.

It started it's live as a book shelf and will now become a dolls bench but still be able to revert to a book shelf if needed.

On the home front, Rufus is settling in well and bonding with us all. He's grown even in a week he seems much bigger!

Casper was not impressed with him using the water trough to cool his feet in this heat!

And Rufus was not impressed when Casper got into the little box of water filled for him to cool down in!

We have rearranged the patio, so we could cover the sofa area and get some extra shade for the dogs, this is first thing this morning at 8.30 already getting hot!

We were going to put it up against the house but had not allowed for the opening doors which meant it would have finished at the edge of the start of the sofa's. so decided it would be much better covering the sofa area even if this meant moving all the pots and shelves against the black wall.

I have to say even with this it's just too hot outside most of the day at present, but the dog blanket seen by the sofa on the floor is at least when curtain pulled over half of the front, in some shade for Rufus who likes to play on it.

The poor garden is fighting for it's life! The grass is no longer green and some plants have just died due to the heat and others are showing signs of stress.

The grass will recover, hopefully and we'll have to hope that most of the plants survive this hot and dry spell. But we have just put up this nice gazebo so  it's bound to rain for a few days.....

Have a great week , I hope it cools down for those who would like it to, and that you all get to do something you love doing.



  1. Rufus is just adorable and the covered seating area looks ideal for this weather. The little chest looks cute too, well presented by Saffron. I think I like it with the feet off! Have a lovely week xx

    1. He is and growing so fast! Saffron does a very good job of showing off the new items. It may come to having to lose the feet , I think it would look fine if it had to. x

  2. Your poor garden looks a lot like mine at the GnomeHome, where it is too hot and dry, too. The grass will recover, but I hope your other plants won't suffer too much.
    The little chest is so cute, it will make a great photo prop. I'd probably just cut the other feet off - but then, I'm known as lazy...

    1. The garden is really suffering in this heat, we are trying to help the plants but are bound to lose some.
      I thought so too! I'm still trying to decide whether to have them reattached or not! lol

  3. Loved the look back here and on FB - great moments of Sasha Village! It's still hot here and I would love to join Casper and Rufus in that tub of water, but we definitely would not all three fit! That's a cute chest. Now the kids just need to fill it with treasure.

    1. It's been nice find the photos and putting them on, I was actually looking for a couple of photos, not yet found, but kept finding others I thought worth sharing!
      This weather doe make one wish for a swimming pool in the garden ! I'm not going to fight them for the right for a dip! :)
      They already are talking about finding treasure to fill it and can I let them go sailing !

  4. I absolutely love the photo of the boys together and Rufus's arms in the water, how cute is that! Caspar is getting so big, how many months is he now? And the one of them together in the water is really cute too. But I have saved the first photo as that is my favourite!!
    The covered sofa area looks nice, we have very similar furniture to yours here on our deck :)
    I like your 'old' photos, I've been enjoying the theme on the group and actually put a few of my own on there, which is unusual for me as I don't post on there much. But of course I got sidetracked going through old photos so that took ages!
    I hope that it cools down a bit for you this week Dee. It's alright if you're a lady of leisure, but when you have to go to work in it, it's a bit much.
    Big hugs xxx

    1. I was lucky to capture that shot , he moves so much! Casper's six months old now. Rufus nine weeks.
      I saw your photos, I loved them, Delvin and the adoring Bailey :)
      Yes this weather is fine if you have nothing better to do than sit about reading or resting but it's not good if you have to work for a living. Yesterday it was just too hot to even venture into the garden, even with the new shade , until after 6 pm
      hugs xxx

  5. I sure hope you get rain and a cooling off very soon Dee. I am doing my rain dance for you all today! We have had the very hot weather for days now but we also are getting a deluge every few days. Rufus and Casper have the right idea to cool off in a pool of water no matter how small. They are just precious and are growing very fast. Thank you for a great post showing your memory lane photos, your garden and the new props. 😊 xxx

    1. Still no rain Ginger and none due round here at least not this week! I may be fighting those puppies for that little pool if this heat keeps up!
      Glad you enjoyed my trip own memory lane :) xxx

  6. So much to see in this post.
    Enjoyed seeing your favourite Sasha photos that were also featured on Facebook.
    Love the dog related photos plus the New Look Patio views. What a fantastic place to chill out.

    My garden resembles yours due to lack of rain and me trying to conserve water at the request of the United Utilities Water Board. So many of the new annual little white plants that I treated myself to to interperse amongst my evergreen shrubs have now died... but luckily my Runner Beans still live on, although not expecting a bumper crop this year due to the previous months 'adverse for beans' weather conditions.

    1. It was very photo heavy. There were so many photos of old I could have used but tried to be restrained.
      The new gazebo area is getting a lot of use in the evenings.

      That's a shame you lost the small plants. It's quite worrying as \ few of the larger plants are struggling in this constant heat!