Sunday 22 July 2018


Well the best I can do this Sunday is not a lot! The days are still incredibly hot, from around 10 am onward's until late evening. Our house and garden are in constant sunshine from first thing in the morning until last thing at night. With very little shade, so unlike others who may be benefiting from being surrounded by houses and trees either in their garden or next doors, we are open to the sun.

This is the garden now at 6.30 pm still with the sun baking down, that shade is coming from the washing line!

I've even said to Paul about maybe planting a tree or two to offer some shade in years to come , if this is the way our weather is going to go. My studio is in the sun by midday and even with the doors and windows open it's hot inside, having insulated it well, this of course is adding to the temperature! So I think come the autumn I'll be looking for a tree to place just right to get the most benefit of shade for my studio in the afternoons in future summers.

The sun is drying out the pots and killing off plants that we've had for a good few years.

Oh to be a lady of leisure and just stay home and potter to my hearts content but alas I have to pay for my doll hobby and towards the household, so it's back to the work on Monday with all the other poor souls. It would help if they get our air con working this week! They are due to come but then they were also due to come last week too!

Rufus and Casper are growing well and Rufus will be having his second injection on Monday so will be able to start going out and about a few days later.
The last couple of nights we've also finally not had to get up at 5 am to let Rufus out, he's managed to get round until 6.30 ish which is making a lovely difference for our sleep!

These plants have actual benefited from us moving them to put the gazebo up, now they are more sheltered from the sun in the afternoons they are thriving.

On the doll front I received a lovely bjd girl that I'd admired of Sharon's. So when she decided to put her up for adoption a few months back, she let me know and I just had to add her to my doll family.

Her eyes are a little on the bright side, so I have ordered her some brown one's to help her look more childlike. I'm calling her Lindy, she's wearing a Sasha dress I also received last week but it's a little big on her and she needs some shoes.

I'd hoped to get some of the Lucas in Wonderland story sorted today but I need a couple of props before I can begin but hope to start it by the end of this week at the latest.

So to end this Sunday I'm going to share a few more old photos from the blog.

Gingham Misses.

In the garden, this was before it was all ripped out to make the folly area.

Babies at play


Well wishing you a lovely week ahead, we'll be hoping for a couple of decent downpours here ! But according to the weather there's not much chance of that happening.

Enjoy your dolls



  1. I had to go into work for a few hours today (Sunday), which I'm really not crazy about, but it does help keep the Sasha goodies flowing in. I hope that some cooler weather and moisture comes your way. We really miss the tree that we had to remove this spring. It dramatically changed the amount of sunlight in some area of the garden. Love the photo of the gingham Misses! We got a dress just like those at the festival (Passion for Sasha, I believe). Of course, now the girls want more in a rainbow of colors! Hope you all have a great week.

  2. Most of our gardens are now struggling with the lack of rain for so long and unfortunately we here in the North West are in for a strict hosepipe ban starting on August 5th (although we have been good and trying to conserve water for a few weeks now, not having had the rain to fill up our reservoirs for months like most of you have.)
    Sadly many of my 20 year old evergreen shrubs and trees are now showing signs of this continuing drought, although I have managed to still water my Runner Beans from water previously gathered in the rain butt, but even that has now come to an end.
    Thanks for another Sunday catch up blogpost and hoping that the air conditioning at your bank has now been sorted in readiness for your return.

  3. You're going to have to get used to this kind of summer weather now Dee, it's going to keep happening and maybe even get worse! Get that bikini out girl and get Paul to build you a hot tub in the garden ;)
    Lovely to see the boys growing so well, I can't believe how quickly Casper seems to have grown into a 'big' dog!!! It all happens way too fast, but I'm glad Rufus has stopped getting you up so early :)

    I'm glad to see that Lindy is settling in well. Have you tried Sasha shoes with thick socks? I found this worked quite well, although she might not want thick socks in this heat, but maybe a piece of foam innersole might do the job of keeping the shoes from falling off :)