Saturday 21 July 2018


So Wren and Magda are having a quiet rest in the garden.

" Thank goodness the suns gone in!" said Wren
" Yes it's lovely and cool at last " agrees Magda

" I heard tell there's a story in the making ! have you heard anything? "Wren asks
" Well I'm not sure I should say but I did hear something"

"Do tell!"
" Mmm I've only heard snippets " says Magda warming to knowing something her sister doesn't

" I know there's someone called Alice whose not Alice and there's a hole and a rabbit "

" Mmm " Wren thinks about what Magda's told her " I've got it!"

"You have? "
"Yes ! It's Watership Down !"
" Why not? "
" That's a terrible story the rabbits get killed!"
" do they?"
" have you not read it? "
"Well no " says Wren, looking surprised Magda had to ask " I've heard it's so sad, so I've avoided it "

" Well I think it's the Bunny picnic ! " Magda says happily " I so love that film with all those rabbit's going on a picnic and I heard tea mentioned too!"

" I love that film too! " Wren says with delight " How exciting whens' it happening? "
"When Mum stops faffing about and get's her act together, before the days get too hot to do anything "
Wren sighs... " So around September then "
Magda nods " Could be at the rate she's going....



  1. Haha, the Gregoropolis kids know exactly how you feel, girls. They think that Daddy Steve always moves terribly slow with everything. I'm sure it will be a dandy story - when Mrs Mum gets moving ;-)

  2. Sasha 'mummies and daddies' always have a lot of Sasha ideas floating around in their heads... BUT it's just finding the time to get them catured on camera and put into blogs that's the problem.

  3. Wonderful to see Magda and Wren and to see a break in the weather too. Their outfits and their chairs are fantastic! It looks like they both are sporting very nice JJ shoes. Good luck Mum in finding the time for the Alice post. It is nice to have it to look forward to. Sending hugs to Casper and Rufus and all the gang in Sasha Village. 😊 xxx

  4. Yes same here! It's just too hot to lug dolls and camera stuff out and about in the heat!! But I look forward to seeing the latest story when it happens Dee :) xx