Wednesday 5 September 2018


September! yes already.. it will soon be Christmas.... Nooooo ! I must be having so much fun because the time is surely flying!

From Carol in Canada we have Cinderella , who so wanted to come to the Halloween ball at the Chat n Snap but alas not this year.

 but she wants to play along

Looks like she'd even got her mask ready..

Maybe next year?

meanwhile over in Gregoropolis

A wonderful group of Brunette 68 boys have taken up residence. I have to say every time I go past this photo I keep expecting them to start singing Bohemian Rhapsody.... I see a little silhouetto of ....

But Hollie Belle, Ann Marie and Meghan are taking it all in their stride and looking pretty and summery and wondering just how many brunette 68 boys will be coming to stay?

From Karin in Switzerland we have this lovely photo of  Sasha in her new dress by Vicky, doesn't she look stunning.

From Viv in north Wales we have two of her Sasha family try to be heard over the noise of the sheep in the field behind!

Again from wales but this time from Jenni, we have 130 year old Flora checking out what Jenni's having for lunch and telling her she doesn't know she's been born having such a delicious meal.

Flora also decided to check out the flowers outside the cottage where they all live.

From the Sasha Village we have a dresser full of dungaree girls....

Although these are no navel dungaree girls.

I think they are as pretty as the Emma Bridgewater pottery above them.

Three of my most favourite things ! Sasha no navels, EB pottery and a Pine dresser ! Could it get any better!

From the Sasha Village we also  have a shelf of  Schoenhut dolls and their pets, they may need that nurse if those wild animals turn nasty!

From Ginger across the pond in Cow Creek we have this delicious line up of lovelies, from the left ,
Edith, Bonnie, Polly, Joanie and Gwennie .

Many thanks to everyone sending in their photos for the doll shelf post. Still space to add more if you'd like to join in.



  1. Wonderful shelf day photos! Thanks to all who sent in their photos and have a great September! 😊 xxx

  2. Thanks for all these delightful 5th of the month shelf photos. A lovely way to start this Autumnal day!

  3. Lovely shelf photos Dee, they all look so pretty that it would be hard to choose a favourite or two :)