Sunday, 9 September 2018


Another glorious day today, the sun is shining , there is a breeze, so all in all perfect.

 Yesterday we had some family and friends over to meet  Princess Clara. The flowers above were given to me by Gill ,who is Courtney's god mother, and my very good friend.
Clara behaved like the princess she is , allowing her adoring subjects to coo and cuddle her and bestowing them with killer smiles to seal their adoration.
That baby knows how to work a room! So Proud !

It's always lovely to have a small gathering where the chat flows and a good time is had by all. Of course you always have too much food and drink , so loads of left overs! However I sent Courtney and family plus Lindsey who was going with them for a visit, off with a bag of food.
Then Paul who is playing in two bowls finals today, took another bag full off with him, so not too much left for just the two of us to plough through.

Because the weather for Saturday was going to be sunshine and showers, we removed the dog's crates that they sleep in and brought back in the old Habitat sofa from the workshop. This sofa is over forty years old and still going strong. I'm keeping it for when Paul retires and his computer goes, then it can go in the dinning room area , re-covered.. that was the plan...but after we brought it and I put the things back in the workshop, that had needed moving to get it out, as I walked back up the garden I thought.. no it's time we got rid of it and we can buy a new one when we need it!
Naturally I forgot to tell Paul of this momentous decision !( and it was a momentous decision as he's been trying to get rid of it for years ) while he was off getting his dad and aunt , I remembered and told my youngest Courtney.
However during the conversation I said that Casper liked to sleep on it when it was around before we moved it to fit in Rufus's crate. So Courtney says, well surely it would be better to keep the sofa for them to Paul gets greeted with I was going to suggest getting rid of sofa but now we'll keep it for the dogs!!  Almost......

My week seems to have played out this way! We laid some lino in the dinning area , so that we can have it all tiled later and in the beginning we measured the space were Casper's crate used to be and found it would be perfect for my arts and crafts bureau! So I made plans to bring it from the workshop to the carport , so that I could work on it . While out I had a look for a suitable wallpaper I could fit to the back board.

There was not a lot the would work, either pattern too big or just to blah but I did find this one which has a very pale blue background.

Yes birds and flowers! What drew me to it was the colours and it's all about colour for me.There is also a sparkle of silver reflecting through it ,although you cannot see it in the photo.
In truth I'm not a great lover of birds , they are fine and I'll feed them but who and what the are? Mostly no idea and no interest. But these birds have colour along with the plants,so I am hoping
they will work where I need them to!

Well I'll not be finding out quite yet as when we ( royal we here ) put down lino , Paul's work desk was rearranged and the space for my bureau vanished in the mists!!

See what I mean ! Plans made and lost within the same day! Twice!

I cut a piece , too short! Just to see if it looked as if it could work and I think it could look okay!

Definitely lightens the background, so it could be the one I'll use...unless I find something better....

I've spend a couple of hours in my studio this week trying to find the floor and the shelves! I was very pleased to empty out a few boxes and a couple of bags.

Along with almost a box of clothes !  I've also found several pieces of fabric.

and more...


more... but these last are only scraps that I bought as a bundle but sooo pretty...  ( normally I crop my photos to hide whatever rubbish is around them but because Edward landed up covered by the fabric I felt It would be nasty to cut him out the photo.
I almost feel I should attend a meeting for people who just have to buy pretty fabrics! But since I've not actually bought any in at least six months....I'm fine.....yes it's true I've not actually gone to look at fabric for that length of time but I'm sure I could resist if I did... maybe I'll just have a look later...

So I think I may set up the sewing machine on the end of the kitchen table later this week and see what happens.... stop laughing Michelle.. I will use it.. I will....I've plans...

The dogs have kept me company while I write my post , getting in some extra sleep after all yesterdays excitement of lots of visitors giving them attention.

Well wishing you all a lovely week ahead. I hope to report that I have made something with some of my fabric by this time next week... I can hear you laughing Michelle!  Sharon.. don't you start...... and organised my Studio more , that Granny's been receiving vegetables from the market!  I don't know where she thinks she's going to store them.....



  1. Finding a place for all of the things we have in our homes can be a real puzzle. Sometimes I can spend a whole Saturday just moving things around, but not really accomplishing anything. The kids seem to like things in a slightly chaotic state. They say it's more 'homey'.

    It seems like collecting dolls and collecting fabric go hand in hand. I like the wallpaper. I has a very open pattern that gives the illusion of depth.

    1. I think I must take after your kids, we seem to do slightly chaotic.. I mean homey all the time! ;)
      I agree ! It's the dolls fault I have all this fabric.. and the wool... and the props.. these dolls are never satisfied... :)
      Thanks for the comment on the wallpaper, it made me look again and see the illusion of depth.. it would have taken me another two years to notice !

  2. Wishing that I could say that I've been as busy...but alas not!
    Decisions like these do take up a lot of time but once made things can then start to fall into place quite quickly.

    1. It's true it's the deciding that takes the time, once made things just get done so much quicker!

  3. I thought this was a nice serious catching up/newsy sort of post....until I reached the bit about the fabric, then I realised it was a comedy post ;) Seriously though, I think you'd better come along to the support group of fabric-o-holics that I belong too....not that it helps that match but you learn of all the BEST places to order fabric from on line ;)
    Love the photo of the dogs 'helping' you, look at the long tail on Rufus, I bet he can do some damage with that :)
    The wallpaper is great, it looks really nice and bright and yes, I'm the same when it comes to colour, just love it!
    I'm glad you had a great 'audience' with Princess Clara, and that her subjects were finally able to see her in person! :D
    Enjoy your week ahead :) xxx

    1. When is the next meeting? I need to know where the best fabric sites are... purely to avoid them of course...
      Those dogs are so helpful.. they help me run around trying to get things off them.. :)
      I think the wallpaper will work well.
      Her your highness is soo cute it's unbelievable but then all Grandparents probably say the same :) xx

  4. Hi Dee! Having a Saturday blog catch up with your Sunday catch up! So lovely to see your beautiful and cheerful fabrics and I believe you will indeed create something beautiful. I absolutely love your bird wallpaper and I love the birds too. So lovely and such pretty colors. The pups are really growing! Have a wonderful weekend! 😊 xxx