Thursday, 8 November 2018


Lucas what are you doing?
 No you are not supposed to climb on the watering can that's a planter !
I'm sure your mum didn't say it was okay!

Stop waving your arms about ! You'll fall off!
what do you mean no!

Just you stay there I'm going for your mum....... pardon! well little people like you should not say such a rude word! Just wait till I tell your mum.....

The sound of a very large raspberry being blown carries across the garden...that child !



  1. Oh dear, Lucas doesn't get any better behaved with time, does he? But maybe it's because he's left to his own devices whilst you're at work Dee? Perhaps you do need to retire before this little redhead goes completely off the rails.....or perhaps you need to take him into work with you? No, on second thoughts, that is not a great suggestion on my part!!!

    1. Oh I would definitely like to see Dee take Lucas to work! Maybe he could get some of those difficult bank customers to behave!

    2. Mm I took him to work once and he shredded a bundle of £50 notes, bit a customer who got too close and ran round the banking hall throwing the rest of the un-shredded bundle across the floor. Three customers slipped and fell in the panic to grab as many notes as possible, two ran off down the road chased by a member of staff and one customer fainted from all the excitement ! So he now as a restraining order on him and is banned from any bank until he is 18 or can behave in an appropriate manner, which means he'll not be allowed bank in a bank until he's about thirty five!!!

  2. It is so nice to see Lucas and what a fantastic outfit he is wearing! He is up for mischief I see so nothing new there! So nice to see your garden pots. Good luck keeping up with this redheaded tot! 😊 xxx