Friday, 9 November 2018


Just we two!

The twins, Violet and Sapphire are so happy because Ginny at A Passion for Sasha had another dress available just like the one Violet had. So now they can be dressed the same.

"We're not quite dressed the same !" says Sapphire to Violet

" But our dresses are exactly the same !"

" But" says Sapphire looking down " our tights and shoes are quite different!"
Looking down Violet see what sapphire means " Well we didn't have any tights that were the same colour !"

" And " Sapphire continues " surely I should be wearing the bright blue tights cos I'm called Sapphire!"

" Mm " sighs Violet " but when I was dressed we didn't know you were going to get the same dress did we? "
" No that's true "
" And if you wear the bright blue tights what can I wear?  my names not sunshine!"

Sapphire giggles " Well not when you grouse in the morning getting up for school it's not!"
 They both have a giggle.

" But I do think the bright blue tights look nice on you " Says Sapphire

" Well I like you in those bright yellow tights " agrees Violet

So they agree to carry on wearing the tights they were given..... well until they want to confuse people then they'll swap! Or maybe they'll manage to find another pair of those blue tights then we'll be very confused!!



  1. I think you two girls your play some fun tricks on your mum just by switching shoes and tights!

    1. Don't encourage them! Who knows just what they'll get up to! ;)

  2. I suppose if we got down to the nitty gritty both girls would be wanting to have the blue tights because Violet is part of that sort of colour scheme too really, but then who would you choose! It's too hard and so much easier for us viewers if they're wearing different coloured tights, because I for one wouldn't be able to tell them apart!!

  3. I think they should each swap only one Punky Brewster! Their dresses are so lovely. They are the cutest pairs of twins ever!! 😊 xxx