Sunday 25 November 2018


Yes it is the last Sunday in November! I have found this hard to get my head round since it's only the 25th day of the month.

I was asked to babysit Clara on the last Sunday of the month, which of course I jumped at, then spent months thinking it was dated the 28th ! , don't ask ! So when I saw it was actually the 25th I was quite surprised. One tends to always think that if it's the last Sunday in a month , it will naturally be  around 28th to 30th not allowing for when the days will fall in the calendar!

So I find myself writing this strangely early last Sunday of the month post,with five days of November still to run !

Well this month we had a Sasha arrive! Totally unexpectedly as I have sold a few lately with the idea of downsizing them slightly.
But I saw this button nosed lass on ebay and found myself watching her fate. I expected she'd be bought at the end of her auction but no! So of course when  I saw she was now on a bin and I looked again.

Why ? Well lets get serious.... she's a red head.... and she's a button nosed red what's not to love?... Originally she was going to be my Christmas present from Paul and she still is part of my present but she needed some tlc first.

Her hair was pure frizzy! So I tried using some Argan oil but it did nothing especially at the ends. So I had thought of cutting her hair before she arrived and after seeing just how bad it was still, after the treatment, I decided to go ahead and cut it back to her shoulders.

It probably still needs a little more styling but I thought I'd let her get over the shock before I carried on. Magda is over the moon to have another button nosed sister in the family.

Now I know that Kendal will be tutting about me getting part of my Christmas present early but I just cannot put the poor girl back in a box for another five weeks now she's met her new family.

I have also been working with Ginny of A Passion for Sasha on finding some fabric suitable for Dungarees for the twins. I saw this one and Ginny had a look and agreed that the pattern was small enough for the Sasha's , so this week I received the finished items.

Since the twins are in new outfits at the moment I'm going to save these until the New Year.

Ginny also made me a pair for my largest Wichtel girl.

She will get to wear hers as soon as I get a chance to change her next week and find her the right colour t shirt to go underneath.

I have also commissioned a couple of cardigans for the girls from another Etsy seller, TriciasixT.

On another note it will be Clara's first Christmas, so Grandee is doing her bit by getting a few things for her to start to feel in the Christmas mood, not that she'll have any idea what that is for another couple of years but hey I'm having a great time!

Clara loves these .. That's not my.. board books, each page mentions an item which is somewhere the baby can feel rough, smooth, shiny, fuzzy, furry etc. So I have bought these Christmas ones for her to feel.

Of course I have a few more for part of her Christmas present, along with a few other items. I'd like to say that she will not be spoilt but it may be better to say she won't know she's been spoilt as she's so little. Most of what I'll buy her will be clothing for her next growth spurt but of course I'll have to add a toy or six...  lol

My Christmas tale's is starting to form in my mind, so now that Decembers is rapidly approaching I need to start gathering together the players and the props for this new Christmas village story !

So have a great week.



  1. Yes Denise! I am indeed 'Tut-tutting' over the early Christmas Doll.
    I too, a couple of months ago, had actually bought myself a new doll for Christmas (to prevent last year's disappointment of not receiving a doll from Santa when he visits here on his sleigh on Christmas Eve)... BUT it is still in it's postal box, unopened and unseen by me...(although I did ask Chon, when she was up here for her Goddaughter's wedding on Sept 1st, to redress her, choosing and using one of The Brood's older outfits that she thought would suit her, so that it would be even more of a surprise for me.)
    Liking the two 'M's' new dungaree outfits.
    SNAP! I too have just bought the 'That's not my Santa' book for a friend's recently born baby girl.

    1. LOL I knew you would ;) I do admire your resolve in not getting her out before Christmas! If I tried doing that I'd probably totally forget she'd been put away and not come across or remember her for several months into the new year! ( Paul having assumed I'd already got her )
      The 'That's not my @ books Clara just loves :)

  2. Margot doesn't look like she would go meekly back into a back, and then you would just have to listen to a lot of fidgeting and complaining until Christmas. Besides, she's just too pretty to put away. I'm starting to think that we need a button nose girl here in Gregoropolis. Rolf is constantly asking why he's the only one in the family who doesn't have a 'big, weird looking nose'. I love the new dungarees. They have a slightly Christmas-y look, but still could be used all year round.

    1. Sorry, meant to say "back into a box".

    2. I have to agree , there is a somewhat feisty look about her! and i'm sure she'd have managed to convince someone to release her from her 'prison cell' before the 25th !
      I have to agree with Rolf that he really does need a button sister now all these girls are sneaking into Gregoropolis. It's only fair... and another excuse to get a doll ;)
      Those new dungarees have vanished ! Rumours of new doll new outfit have been banded about!

  3. She's a very pretty little button nosed girl Dee, just a shame that the argan oil didn't work for her hair, but maybe it was just too far gone to work. I like her bobbed hair though, it suits her and makes her a bit different from Magda.
    The books are great, I'm sure Clara will love them....and to be honest, it really would be very unnatural if you actually didn't want to 'spoil' your first grandchild, so just enjoy it and think of it not as spoiling her, but as enriching her mind through books and learning...there's nothing better that you can give a child :)

    1. That's why I couldn't just walk on by! lol It was a shame about the oil but the hair was just too far gone , it's still frizzy but I'll try again with the oil on this shorter hair.
      We all love books in the family, so Clara will never be short of something to look at and when she's older read ! Plus there is nothing so wonderful as sitting with a baby or child and turning the pages of a book and reading together IMO. :) xxx

  4. Hi Dee! Congrats on the new arrival! I quite like her with her new hairstyle as you can see all her face and the pretty dungarees are lovely. I'm very partial to pink and the pattern on the fabric is really cute.

    Have fun babysitting!

    1. Thanks. I do like her new style and I'm really pleased with the dungarees. I love baby sitting Clara :) xx