Monday 21 January 2019


That just vanished...because I have yet another heavy cold! I cannot remember ever having so many colds almost one after the other ! and I'm not the only one, others at work have also had more than one cold/ virus.
Is it our age? we are all a little older or is this year a particularly bad year for colds and viruses? I'm think it's a bad year. And there is still another month and a half at least, until we even get a sniff of spring!

So my week consisted of working, then sitting about under a blanket sneezing and coughing! The boxes are still stacked in the hallway untouched and pretty much nothing else happened. I'd like to say I am now completely recovered but no, still coughing with a stuffed up nose! But hope to at least look into a couple of the boxes and get them sorted and moved.

Sunday was very cold and frosty, a typical winters morning. Paul went off with Rufus to the gun dog training class and Casper  waited patiently for their return.

And not a lot got done, instead we had a very lazy Sunday. I did start this post then but didn't manage to find enough energy to complete it.

I did wander the internet looking at wallpaper and found this one amongst others

I've always loved the William Morris designs, so have been looking around at whats available that we could use when we do the hallway.

I bought myself a new book which arrived last week, which is full of lovely information and photos.

I love seeing photos of rooms and houses, I have to stop myself buying books on the subject or we'd need a library just to keep them.

lots of inspiration

And strangely enough there is also a programme on the TV of six artists , who are living for several weeks in an arts and crafts house and each week are given a room to decorate in the spirit of the movement. They can only use the tools that were available at the time. Two experts then judge which piece of design invokes the true spirit.
If you like Arts and Crafts and seeing people live in the past while completing tasks, it's well worth a watch.

In a couple of weeks I'm off for a visit with lots of other Sasha collectors to the Milton Keynes Haggle and Gaggle, weather permitting. It will be nice to catch up with friends and have a little doll time as well.

So I hope to be putting on a story by the end of the week and so wish you all well.




  1. Hi Dee, I do hope you get over your cold soon.

    I love decor from that period, actually I sometime wonder if I was born at the wrong time. :) William Morris wallpaper designs are stunning, especially when used in the right rooms. I really think his designs need high ceilings to do them justice. Unfortunately we only have 8 foot ceilings in our house, otherwise I would have used it myself. The period between 1880 to 1939 was wonderful as far a decor goes, I love Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

    I'd really love to see that programme, I wonder if they will ever show it here.

    Have fun at the Haggle and Gaggle!
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you. I sometimes wonder if I was born in the wrong era but then again I would not want to give up all the benefits of living now.
      8ft ceiling would suit William Morris wall papers, we had that in our last house , an Edwardian semi with high ceilings.
      I hope you get to see that programme sometime it's very inspiring. Hugs x

  2. Hi Dee -
    We could be twins right now because:

    A. We both have colds (hopefully not for long).

    B. We're both addicted to William Morris books (I have a shelf full of them).

    I love Arts and Crafts design, especially British A & C, as I think sometimes the American version can be a bit severe. Love that wallpaper design - I think it would look wonderful in a hallway. Get well soon and have fun at the Haggle and Gaggle. Hope you buy and/or win something fantastic.

    1. Hi Twin :)
      I'm not royally fed up with this cold!
      How wonderful a shelf of William Morris books.

      I am forever looking a wonderful A&C furniture and wishing I had the space to squeeze it in! Sounds like we'd have a great time going round a William Morris property admiring all the wallpapers and fighting over the furniture :)

  3. I hope you get all better and very soon! I love Willam Morris too and have a few Sasha dresses with his fabric designs. I think his wallpaper would be wonderful in your hallway. Have a wonderful time at your Sasha event! Enjoy my friend. 😊 xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger, This cold is hanging on !
      William Morris fabric is wonderful too and I love it in the Sasha Dresses.
      Only one week until The H&G looking forward to meeting friends again :) xxx

  4. I hope you feel better soon Dee, it's horrible when you get one virus after another.
    That's a lovely wallpaper, I think William Morris did some beautiful designs.

    1. Thanks Sharon. I am royally fed up with this cold at present!
      He did and they are bring out some nice new colourways in his designs which is lovely xx

  5. Snap! I too went down with this cold virus last week so know just how awful you feel.
    The telephone advice from my doctors was 'Keep drinking plenty of hot drinks, take 2 Paracetamol every four hours, stay in the same warm atmosphere and get plenty of sleep and rest!' Unfortunately that's NOT doing ME much good!

    Wishing everyone attending the Haggle and Gaggle a wonderful Sasha Day. Disappointed not to be able to go but looking forward to seeing all the reviews and photos afterwards. Have got my international raffle ticket at the ready!


    1. Hope you are feeling better soon Kendal, it's a royal pain being ill !
      I'll ry and take plenty of photos next weekend and I'm sure there will be others taking loads too :)