Sunday 13 January 2019


Already! Where does the time go...

Another busy week work wise and also at home. The new boiler's been fitted ,which entailed making sure the place was respectable all through the house, so the radiators could be checked once it was up and running. We now have a new thermostat which can be accessed via our phones!

It appears if I'm at work and I see that Paul's decided to burn the heat by upping the temp I can drop it down again ! Who knew you could freeze your other half without them being aware!

However it won't be me, it will be Paul who controls it from his phone , I'm still trying to workout what I do if I'm here and need it to be warmer or cooler!
We now have a lovely new boiler that is guaranteed for twelve years , which is nice but it's one of those expensive things you don't see ! You know what I mean, if you buy a lovely new carpet or new kitchen or piece of furniture , it's there to glaze upon as you walk past or across or sit on and so for a while you have a lovely little glow when you see/use it. With a boiler or windows, it's just there doing it's job but it doesn't bring a smile to your face.. well not mine anyway.

Now I thought it was time I told you about the illness that is now blighting my life, it's affecting me everywhere, when I climb the stairs, walk into a room even when I leave the house. It's been coming on for quite a while now, but this year I'm going to fight back.
I realised what it was this morning, the name came to me and then I knew! So with a heavy heart I can inform you I am suffering from ..things !

Yes you heard me right ..things! Some of you may suffer from it in a small way or even like me in a  larger way or a very few of you maybe totally overwhelmed by things!. I've known of the problem for the last few years and have dabbled with fighting against the tide but finally this year I have decided it's time to win this battle!
I sit here typing this on Paul's computer surrounded by ..things.. It never seems to change , at least not for long , you know you tidy up , throw a few things out, put a few things away but... and it's the BUT that's the disease, you put other things in boxes or bags or stuff them in any nook and cranky that you can find that's not already crammed with THINGS!
It gets into your mind.. you cannot throw it out /give it away because you MAY need it! if not today then in TEN years time ! If you could actually find where you put it ten years down the line I'd be very impressed! because it will probably be buried under loads of other things!

The worse thing about this illness is you can catch it from others, or be born with it! and then you find you are dragged under ! At heart I am a tidy person, I like things to have a place , a home  somewhere when you want them, you can find them straight away but I  live with others whose idea is to ask you where something is and then not to return it to that place, well the rot sooner or later sets in and you start leaving things about too !

You organise an area and it looks wonderful, clean, tidy and everyone says .. " We must keep it this way " then two weeks later 'things' are being left around until no surface can be seen without removing a dozen bits and pieces. You find yourself putting things into bags when you try to tidy only for those bags to grow and then you cannot find the THINGS you want when you want them!

And so it is that, this weekend, we are repairing the stairs where the treads and risers have moved due to having no carpet on them and them being old , that we have had to move half a dozen boxes and numerous other things that no one's been near nor by for a couple of years.. under the stairs was full of THINGS!
So now the boxes of THINGS from under the stairs must go!

Those who also suffer from this illness are probably shaking their heads knowingly.. knowing that the typing and doing are two totally different things.....but I will win! I have to if only for me ELF! ;)

Even the studio's been infected by bags of  THINGS! But I did managed to clear away four bags so a very small start on that at least.

But I still couldn't find the bag I'd stashed something in that I wanted to change a couple of the Sasha's into.

So I'll be needing to search through other bags or boxes of Things!

Before Christmas I bought a couple of new cardigans for the girls. This one, that Ashley's wearing I wanted to go with her yellow Vintage Sasha dungarees but it would look equally as nice on the deep pink pair that Sansa's whose standing beside her is wearing.

Finally Margo's decided to get dressed, she says.. because she doesn't follow fashion ! So if others are roaming the streets in their PJ's then she' s not going to be one of the herd!
I didn't say a word just nodded and helped her dress.

The stairs now look like this, having had the tongue and groove boarding removed , so Paul could get to the underneath to check all was well and add some extra wood for support. Unfortunately he could not get the old boarding off without it breaking so we'll be replacing it.

But it's nice that a job that needed doing as been done and will be continued during this month. i'll report back once it's all finished on what we've done.

So I wish everyone a lovely doll filled healthy week ahead.



  1. I obviously now recognise that I too must suffer from the same dreaded illness... BUT luckily, from the looks of things, on a slightly smaller scale, living in a much smaller home... BUT then, I guess there is the fact that only me and 18 Brood Remainers are currently living here so I guess that, that too has to be taken into consideration.

    Thinking that we must obviously help and encourage each other to keep taking the 'not so pleasant' prescribed medication and move things on and not be tempted to replace them with other items.

    Happy birthday to all who have a January birthday.

    1. I believe there are a lot of us out there! If I remember rightly I think your garage hides a lot ;) I could do with a garage to hide things in! lol

      It's the not replacing them with something else that i have trouble with !

  2. I think everyday folks are especially prone to the "things" affliction. If you're rich, it's easy to embrace the whole minimalist lifestyle because if you get rid of something and then decide that you still wanted it after all, you can easily re-acquire it. It's very true what you say - if you can't even find where you have stashed something, what's the point of even having it? I'm absolutely terrible about getting rid of anything, so I admire your commitment, however if you don't mind my saying, Ashley and Sansa look like they're thinking "Yeah, we've heard this all before" ;-)

    1. One thing I will never be accused of is Minimalism ! Lol I think my girls would call the police thinking we'd been burgled if they visited and found just two books and a vase!
      I can see Ashley and Sansa nodding in agreement with your last comment... I may tell them to go have a clear out and see just how much appears to donate... ;)

  3. Hahaha! I call my affliction "stuff", and this disease is often more than just skin deep. It seems to be much deeper, like stories rather than levels, especially on my desk and dolly table . . . AND on the floor of my dolly room. So my dear Dee, you are not on your lonesome and I fully understand your concern. I wish you luck at curing your "things". 😘
    Big hugs,

    1. Ha ha , It can never be cured only controlled.. for a while... it's like a walk in the hills, you go up the pile, then down ( get rid of things ) only to walk up again ( get other things ) and so it goes on lol

  4. Oh Dee, most of us doll collectors suffer from this same affliction because we love our dolls and love to dress them and take photos of them in nice scenes and settings. It is most difficult to downsize dolly things but I wish you every success. I do agree that putting something away to use later, and later never comes because we change or because we cannot find it amongst the boxes and piles, is not a good practice. I thought I would start small this year with organizing one closet at a time. I have emptied our linen closet by donating most of the contents and now have a very sparse and nearly empty closet but I do have everything I need. So one small success under my belt! Now on to the next closet. Keep us posted Dee on your progress. 😊 xxx

    1. I think we doll collectors suffer more than most with our things :)
      Congratulations on your linen closet success ! I tried that last year but it is still pretty stuffed, so well done you!
      I did clear a couple of shelves in the kitchen food cupboard of out of date jars and tins, so that's look a little more spacious and tidy.
      I will hopefully share my small successes as they happen :) xxx