Saturday 5 January 2019


A New Year and a Happy continuation of the Doll photos monthly post.

Over in Gregoropolis they are embracing their Celtic roots by wearing of the Tartan. I don't know about you all but I love a doll in tartan.

They are ready to Hootenanny and celebrate Robbie Burns later in the month and look how smart they look.. maybe this should be the month of the tartan? This has given me the idea to place a piece of tartan somewhere in all of my blog posts this month.......

From Liz we have two No Navel girls.. yes another member for the we love no navel's club and what a gorgeous pair they are and animal lovers too!

These girls of Liz's are ready for the cold spell of winter weather they are saying we are about to get, they'll be lovely and warm in those smart hats and sweaters.

These girls of Liz' s are caring for a tiny giraffe and stag , truly a nature loving household.

Ursula's boy Phil spent some time at the Gnome house helping with the Christmas decorations, look at his lovely little Christmas tree.

And Karin was a very good girl last year because Santa left this gorgeous NP girl in her Christmas stocking !

Her name is Deborah and she's loving getting to know her new family.

Here in the Village Magda is trying to get Margo to get dressed but Margo says she likes a lazy start to Saturday just taking her time and sitting about in her pj's.

  It seems there are quite a few just hanging around this Saturday , well in truth they've been hanging on the dresser for quite a while, it seems to be a meeting place for all the villagers.

From Kendal we have her new girl that was her Christmas present from santa.

I love the dress this girl of Kendal's is wearing, it looks so nice and warm !

Kendal's little one is having a last minute discussion with the Nativity players before they are put away until next Christmas.

And a Shelly photo sent by Kendal of a Ballet girl in her Tartan cloak.

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos, there is, as always, still time for more to be added.



  1. Happy New Year to everyone here who has very kindly sent in these photos for us to admire at the start of 2019.
    Love the Tartan idea. Will go and look if I have any of my girls dressed in Scottish Tartan.

  2. Happy Shelf Day! It's lovely to see all the kids looking so lovely after the Christmas period. I like tartan on dolls too, it looks really nice on all skin tones. One of my BJDs is wearing a tartan dress, I will send you a photo for the blog if that's ok?