Wednesday 2 January 2019


Well the New Year is here, 2019 ! It doesn't seem that long ago that it was the Millennium and now eighteen years have gone past and we are starting the 19th!

I'm not making any New Year resolutions because most don't make it past the end of the first week never mind the year!

But I do love a list! lol So I will be making one with all the things that we need to get done over the coming year and all the things I'd like to get done over the coming year!

My daughter,  Lindsey , gave me this beautiful note book as part of my Christmas gift this year.

The pages inside have wonderful drawings on them.

It's almost too nice to write in! So I will need to only put important things in here , not lists to be ticked or crossed through! Maybe my story ideas and my poems ? The drawings are stories in themselves.

I'm tempted to call this year our finishing year! A year to try and finish all those partly done jobs that are all around the house and garden !

And for probably the fifth year running I am going to say that I will start making things with the boxes of lovely fabric I have filling up my Studio ! Yes I know I keep saying this every year and I did manage to use a very small amount of fabric last year , which I promptly replaced.. I know...not much hope really !
My sewing machine is in the kitchen with a box of fabric, just waiting for me to find the time to cut and sew !

Also this year I'll be having a no buying February ! Yes like they have dry January and Movember , for those growing facial hair for November in aid of a charity, I'll be having a No Purchase February !

Which will almost certainly mean every doll on my hard to find , rarely available , hen's teeth doll list of wants will appear for a bargain  price in February along with fabulous props that would suit my doll studio etc. But I am determined to be good ..... what do you mean I've picked the shortest month to behave?  Let's get serious here !! even I know it's going to be next to a miracle if I make it!

I do however have a few things on layaway and some will arrive January/ early February , which is another reason I need to be good for a whole month!

I also need to get my act together and put on a proper story each month on the blog. Plus the Doll Shelf photo's will continue on the fifth of each month. I already have had some sent in. So don't forget to send in yours if you'd like to take part.

One of the things I realised last year , when I came to set up Granny Fortuna's shop on the upper shelf in the Studio, is that I need some small steps to use and not rely on climbing on and off my mum's old small child's chair!
The chair wasn't high enough for me to reach to the back of the wall and even though it's not very high it is still awkward for me to get on and off due to the arthritis in my left leg.

So I'll be finding a nice pair of small sturdy steps and then hopefully Granny's shop will work on the higher level, because If not I will need to rethink just where it can be set up!

Another thing I find with a new year is the need to have a massive clear out! In truth I've been of that mind for several months anyway and have made some inroads into getting rid of things we no longer need or use but it has been stop start. So that's another thing I want to get done this year a good old clear out.

I received a lovely gift on new years eve of a Sasha Calendar , which I can use to inspire me that I need to be taking photos and writing stories this year for the Sasha's.

I've also received some lovely cards both with photos of Sasha dolls and also others, A lovely handmade card amongst them, see below.

Which got me to thinking about crafts. I love so many different crafts and have lots of books on making different things. Before Sasha came into my life and took over I would buy books on crafts I liked the idea of doing and when Paul said  when will you be doing that, I'd reply " They are for my retirement! when I have time !"

But I've decided to start trying these crafts this year , there are some things I want to make and I'm sure I have a book on it around on the shelves somewhere! So each month I'm going to have a go and will share my trials and tribulations on a blog post ! You never know , one of you may be an expert in what I'm trying and will enlighten me on just where I've gone wrong or maybe right!
It could  help me save money in February by keeping me away from the computer!

So I have fessed up to things I'm hoping will happen this year, maybe you'd like to add a comment with just one thing you'd like to achieve, try or do this year and then in December we can all see if we managed!.

Well I'm off to find some of those books and see just what I'll try this month and I'd best check out February because if I need any supplies I need to get them now due to my no buying month.



  1. oh Dee, what about The Haggle and Gaggle that is in February!

    1. Yes weather permitting I'll be attending the Haggle and Gaggle in February funds raised for a very worthy cause. See Theresa's blog and facebook group for more details.

  2. What a great lot of ideas you have Dee, I look forward to seeing how you'll get on. I'm the same, I have a whole list of things that have to be done, so I need to give myself a hard kick up the bum and get started. I will start tomorrow hopefully.
    Your calendar does look pretty, and so does that lovely notebook...but I know what you mean about it being too nice to write in, I have a few like that, but they don't have those gorgeous drawings on the pages, so yes, that book sounds like it'd be perfect for something special like your poems. :)

    1. Thanks Sharon , I now just need to actually do all or at least some of them!. I hope you've started on yours by now ;) lol
      I'll have to use my best writing for that note book, none of my usual rushing scrawl ! :) xx

  3. I admire your determination. I always hate to share resolutions, because it seems like the minute I say it, I break it. It is safe to say, however that there will be far fewer new kids moving in this year. There are some household projects that simply must get done, and some gardening ideas that I would like to implement. Hopefully the weather will cooperate this year.

    1. I'm always determined but alas I get so easily sidetracked these days! Sounds like you are in same boat as us, house and garden need to get in front of the dolls and their needs for a while.
      I hope the weather is lovely when you are ready to tackle those outside garden jobs and ideas.

  4. And glad to hear about the step ladder. Safety should always be a resolution!

    1. Yes I need to remember I'm not as flexible as I used to be ! Amazing how you carry on like a thirty year old until your body suddenly says.. no way! lol

  5. I so agree that, that delightfully illustrated notebook has to be kept for something really special to be written in it and your own home-made poems or stories sound the perfect choice.
    I've given up on New Year Resolutions as I don't seem to have the will power or strength these days to keep them up for very long so I just generally try to do better all round.

    1. I think putting in that first word will be the hardest part, once I've done that hopefully I'll be using it.
      That's why mine are not resolutions just intentions/ideas my resolutions never get past the end of the first week of January! :)

  6. Happy New Year Dee! I wish you the very best in 2019 and that you realize your intentions and capture your ideas that give you a most happy and healthy New Year. 😊 xxx