Sunday 6 January 2019


Well all the Christmas decorations have been taken down and put back up in the loft until December, so Christmas is well and truly over and 2019 is up and running.

This year I senseably left a box down ,when the others were returned to the loft, because we always seem to miss a couple of decorations and so it was this year,  that two days after supposedly removing them all I looked across to the windowsill and saw four large decorations still standing in place!

However due to the size I then had to swap the saved box for a larger one to fit everything, so now they are all away.

Casper had his first birthday yesterday, still very much a puppy but with a now full grown adult look.

The time's gone quick since this little bundle arrived.

but he still loves his bear

If you remember our conversation ( I call it a conversation, because when I type it I feel like I am talking to you , I just cannot hear your reply unless you comment later ) of earlier this week when I decided that I was going to have a crafty I went off to look at my craft books that were gathering dust on the lower part of the bookcase.

This is a small selection of my embroidery and needlepoint books but of course I cannot find one in particular I was looking for, which then reminded me of another couple I know I had but also cannot find! So where are they? Are they still sitting in some box when we had a big move round in the living room and the new book case arrived? or have they been given to a charity shop when we were having a massive clear out and my brain said .. I don't need to keep those books.... which is extremely rare!
So shortly I will be off down to the storage shed at the bottom of the garden, hoping that a box is tucked away with the books I want in it , although Paul is insisting that there are no books in the shed !!!
If this is the case then one I know I can replace one quite cheaply on the secondhand book market but the others. one of which is the book I want to use.. will be very hard to find!.

On the Sasha front , an old friend and mistress of the sewing machine ,Sarah Williams is back! If you don't know Sarah's work you soon will. Sarah's been sewing for Sasha for many years under the name of Vintage Sasha. But she took a couple of years off to do other things but returned this year back sewing for Sasha. 

This is one of Sarah's dresses. She makes clothes in quality fabric's which tend to get snapped up within minutes of them appearing on her website. You can find the link to her site in my sidebar.
Where you can find her latest clothes that were gone in a nano second.
It's lovely to know she'll be selling her clothes again even if it will be hard to get hold of them.
Along with Rosie Bloomfield, who returned back to making shoes for Sasha last year, these are two of my all time favourite designers for Sasha.

On my personal Sasha front the newest Sasha Margo is turning out to be a very determined young girl.

Margo still needs to get dressed ! I found her outside feeding the birds this morning  in her pj's !

 At least she put a jacket and hat on! but still no socks!

 She was putting down meal worms for the robins  , her favourite bird on account of their red breasts .

I can see I'll need to find her something nice to wear to tempt her out of those cosy pj's. I do love the red haired Sasha's but they do tend to be the one's with feisty characters and stubborn to boot!

Well while I was typing Paul checked some boxes we'd stored under the stairs and found a few more of my craft books, including the one by Beth Russell which I just knew I'd not given away however not the other couple I hoped to find. I popped down to the shed and it would take at least an hour to move all the things between the door and the space where any boxes would be  so I'll save that search until the spring when we clear the shed out completely.

However I've popped online and bought a couple of second hand books which I hope will have a nice pattern I can use for my first craft project of the year.

I think I'll also see if I can find a space in the Studio to keep all my craft books in one place, that way I'll know exactly what I have and where to find it!

So on that note I'm off to have a read through a couple of the books and take note of what I'll be needing to get started.

Have a great week ahead



  1. Happy Birthday to that handsome beastie Caspar, what a cutie! I hope he got some nice pressies ;)
    I have a lot of craft books here but also gave loads to the charity shop when we moved to Spain almost 15 years ago, but I do still have a lot of craft magazines....but I really do not have the room down here at the coast to store them all so I will have to make do with the crafts I already have to hand. I look forward to seeing what you do :)
    I'm glad to see that Sarah is back sewing, I'm thinking of doing the same myself but we'll see.
    Have a lovely week ahead, I hope the weather is good for you.

  2. Your missing book dilemma reminded of a song from the new Mary Poppins movie (which a highly recommend) called "The Place Where the Lost Things Go". Unfortunately I have yet to find that place in our house, so perhaps the lost place is itself lost! Caspar has certainly grown into a fine young dog. I can see Margo shaking things up in the village. Those redheads do indeed have minds of their own. Perhaps she's one of those eccentrics who goes around in her pj's all the time. The whole no socks thing is definitely a young person thing nowadays - one that Daddy Steve will never understand.

  3. Your Casper is such a gorgeous puppy Dee, so handsome! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASPER!!

    Oh I do have a lot of craft books too, much more than I need, but I can't bear to part with any. I do hope you finally find the one you're looking for. I shall look forward to seeing your crafty projects. 😉

    Sasha is one doll I don't own, but you have so many I'm quite content to look at yours, especially those redheads.😊
    Big hugs,

  4. Happy first birthday Casper.
    Thrilled that vintage-sasha Sarah is back Sasha sewing...and now maybe Sharon as well!
    Will be watching this space throughout 2019 for your new CRAFTS.

  5. Happy belated Birthday Casper! My how you have grown! I am thrilled that Sarah is back again and sewing! I missed out on buying any of her creations but they are so wonderful to see. I love your Margo and that she loves birds. We too love the birds here on Cow Creek and feed them regularly in our various feeders. Have a great week dear Dee. 😊 xxx