Friday, 5 April 2019


April already ! So let's get started ..

From Jane W , we have these lovely lasses, Lola, Esme, Sophie, Rachel and Ruby all with their Easter baskets.

From Rosie in Ireland we have these sweet children getting into the Easter spirit, the colours make one feel spring is truly here and the sun will shine.

Oops she's rushing off to hunt for Easter eggs but it does allow us to see the lovely deatil of the chicks on her sweater.

Everyone's on the hop over at Gregoropolis ! Looking forward to Easter which is rapidly approaching, even Anthony's getting in the spirit.

What's that Anthony? Daddy Steve made you wear this when you wanted to wear your sons of Satan top ! And it's ruining your hard man image ! Oh Anthony we think you looks so cute in your bunny top....

My shelf photo this month is of my three Kaye Wiggs girls in their new spring/summer dresses.

Many thanks to those who have sent in their photos , I've still to add mine and I'm happy to add yours when you send them in. Keep them coming.



  1. Thanks everyone for these lovely pre-Easter photos... although you have made me feel really guilty as the 'E word' hasn't be mentioned here as yet!
    On second thoughts, I'm thinking that I might have to keep this post under cover from 'you-know-who' until I can get out to the shops.
    A very happy April and Easter to you all.

  2. Some lovely spring dresses and knitwear here. Anthony is relieved to know that his 'cred' is still intact!

  3. Lots of lovely cutie pies, all dressed smartly too!
    Big hugs to their photographers.

  4. So many lovely dolls appear each month - I'm guilty for not sending photos in ofetn enough but those who are better organized than I always offer some delightful moments.
    (PS from Bertie - My favourite posts are still Mrs. Mum's stories though! BRING BACK EDWARD AND MOSSIE....please! My head is falling off and I am in bed, bored and need bear stories. pretty please, Mrs. Mum xxxx BB)

  5. What lovely contributions to the shelf photos again this month. I have to say that poor Anthony does not look overly impressed at having to wear the bunny sweatshirt!
    Lovely knits and beautiful dresses, what more could we want to brighten our 'soon to be Easter' days :)