Tuesday, 2 April 2019


That suits Claudia the best, well so I believe.

On Sunday I went in search of Claudia because I wanted to change her into the new Petrana outfit but when I found her I thought she looked so pretty in her red checked dress and shoes that I decided to keep her in them.

Claudia is such a sweet girl, who always brings a smile when I see her.

She is standing on the front step beside the bucket of spring blooms that my daughter Courtney sent me after I'd been to help her when she had Clara. You can see that the bulbs are all coming back into flower again.

well it was starting to get chilly so I took Claudia back indoors where we discussed maybe finding her a new red outfit for this year.

Don't forget those doll shelf photos only three days to go!



  1. Claudia looks so sweet in red, I love the older brunettes in red...in fact I like all brunettes in red!
    The bulbs do look like they're doing well, spring has almost sprung!!
    Big hugs xxx

  2. Yes, I would say that Claudia 'owns' that outfit. She's certainly little Miss personality!

  3. Claudia is a beautiful girl. Red is definitely her colour.
    I'm glad to see Courtney's gift is in bloom again,, but where did that year disappear to???
    Happy Spring to all at The Sasha Village.

  4. RED is definitely all Sasha brunette's extra special colour. I love Claudia's era and I luckily still have two girls of the same age here.
    Now waiting to see who gets to wear the new Petrana outfit.
    Loving that bucket of Spring Flowers.

  5. I can see why Claudia makes you smile, she is a very pretty Sasha and looks lovely in her red check dress . . . I wouldn't change it. :)
    Big hugs,