Sunday, 7 April 2019


So a quarter of this year's already gone! We must be having so much fun since time is flying by!

We're just had a week of very cold weather ! with snow falling in the northern parts of the UK, thankfully we only got one very icy shower where it tried to turn to snow but didn't make it! But still a shock to all the poor plants that had decided to was time to start blooming and growing!
Hopefully it won't have killed any of them off , just set them back a little.

I was pleased to see that the Magnolia Black Tulip's flower buds are opening and only one or two have any damage to them.

I love the colour of this Magnolia, it's one of my favourites that we have here.

Now on the kitchen front it's all coming along slowly... evolving as we go, which is our usual way of working. I had secretly hoped to have new granite worktops but instead have given up that dream for a nice solid oak one.
It's on order and will be delivered on Monday, we've also decided to change the butler sink for an inserted sink,one with drainer, so since that's all being changed I told Paul we may as well replace the bottom units instead of him trying to take the fronts off without damaging the units beneath. Which means new taps and also we'll probably need to get in a plumber!

I don't know about you but I love house programmes, either where they are refurbishing them or just showing round them. I recently came across a series called The Best House in Town, where four homes in different categories ( semi detached, terrace, detached, unique ) , were visited by five locals, who voted for one to go forward, into a final vote at the end of the week , to win the best house in town. It was great looking round each house and seeing who went forward and who won. They visited York, Cardiff and St Alban's. Of course I didn't agree with some of who they put through or who won a couple of times but it was lovely following them round looking at the houses, flats etc.
It's amazing how people decorate their homes and just how you cannot read a book by it's cover ! The insides were totally different to the outside look.

I also love watching Dream Homes with the Scott brothers and also Escape to the Chateau with Dick and Angel Strawbridge, Angel is just so creative and makes the most wonderful design decisions. The turret walls in vintage wallpaper in a harlequin design is but one of her magnificent ideas perfectly executed.

Well worth watching if you have some time. Hey ! I just had an idea I could do this in my hallway.... mmm since I don't have any old wallpaper I'd be forced to buy lots of single rolls of wallpaper and since I've never been accused of cheap taste.. it would probably cost me a small fortune just to get a dozen or two rolls....mmm maybe not such a good idea... although think of all the fun I could have buying wallpaper !

Back to the kitchen, we were at my youngest daughter's about two hours away and decided to check if they had any of the larder units, of course they didn't but they did have the two packs you could use to make them up yourself. So out of curiosity I checked my local store, who now said they had the make up packs available, so Saturday we went and bought what we needed.

So old display cupboard and drawer unit were removed and the new cupboard put together and put in place. You can see by the old drawer that we've put at the bottom that it's wider so we will gain more space. Paul now needs to make up the three drawers we have bought which will go at the bottom. It leaves a space under the mircowave , which we'll put a drop down door on and then the shelves above mircowave will have a door covering them. We are getting there piece by piece.

On the doll front , I'm being extremely good and have only bought a couple of dresses for my Kaye Wiggs dolls, who hardly ever get a change of clothes.

Due to the mess everywhere I had to clear a space to take a few photos of them all together and prop a book up to hide the food mixer. Elora is sitting on a tin of undercoat paint and Elfine ( Lilac hair ) was sitting on a tin of paint that's now just off to the side. She's now sitting on some paperback books while Hope sits on the worktop in front.

Well i need to go and sort out all the things that have never been used or not been used for years that were in those drawers, so I will wish you all a lovely healthy week ahead.



  1. Pleased to hear, and see, that there is a Spring-like step, or mood, happening down there at the Sasha Village and with plans and ideas constantly changing between you two. There must never be a dull moment.
    Just to let you know though that EVERYTHING is exactly the same up here! Nothing has changed or be moved.
    Thanks for the next weeks good wishes and hopefully this super warm, sunny weather is here to stay. Always love the UK at this time of year!

    1. There is never a dull moment here kendal, especially when Paul forgets one of the decisions made and thinks it was still an earlier one!
      it will be lovely to finally have it all done... if it ever is...

  2. What a gorgeous Magnolia! We can grow some varieties where we are, but they tend to be on the plain side, nothing that dramatic. I too enjoy the home shows, but I do hate the ones that showcase super high tech gadgets such as heating systems that look like the engine room of a nuclear submarine. No doubt they are extremely energy efficient, but I have to wonder what will happen in 5 years time when something goes on the fritz, and inevitably it will. There's something to be said for simplicity!

    1. It is ! We've had it a few years now and it's finally doing really well.
      I know what you mean about those amazing techo things they put in these houses.I can barely manage our new heating control and Paul's forever telling me I only needed to do this or that and it would have come on or off , when I've done it some other way! Give me simplicity every time!

  3. Busy, busy, busy down in the Village. It is always so good when things come together, although you have more patience than I , I have to get things done yesterday and won't cease until they are done:) Keep up the good work...look forward to seeing the end result!

    1. It is ! I've learnt to wait because it will get done and since Paul does most of the work and he's busy with actually working for a living, training two dogs and doing all the carpentry and decorating , I cannot complain. I just wish I could paint decently enough that he'd accept me painting woodwork but alas I remove as much as I put on !
      Hows that house of yours coming along?

  4. I'm worn out just reading what you're up to in that kitchen of yours! But it sounds like it's coming along nicely and hopefully it won't be long until it's all finished...unless you add more things to the 'to do' list of course! ;)
    The girls look beautiful in their new dresses, and if you hadn't told us, I'd not have even known what they'd chosen to sit on, they just look incredibly relaxed there.
    The magnolia looks lovely, and such good news that nothing has died with the cold spell.

    1. Sharon , you know there will always be another thing or two needing adding ! ;)
      It's nice that those girls have finally had some new clothes!
      we are having sunshine, cold and showers here at present! x

  5. What a beautiful magnolia you have there Dee, I managed to kill mine, I seem to do that a lot with plants.

    I love reno/decorating shows too and we are currently watching the second season of Escape to the Chateau here in Oz. I really loved that Angel had fabric made that was from photos of the original wallpapered walls she finished in the first season, she has some very unique and clever ideas.

    Nice to see your KW dolls looking pretty in their new dresses. I didn't realise you had three, I only have one. I do have three Liz Frost dolls (another Aussie artist) do you have any of hers?

    I shall look forward to seeing your kitchen completed.
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you, I do love the richness of it's flowers.
      She is so clever , Angel and yes that fabric from the old wallpaper was great.

      I'm hoping the kitchen will be finished by the end of the summer, best to allow plenty of time :) xx