Monday, 22 April 2019


Yes you've got it , Casper and Rufus ! Closely followed by the Cats ! one of whom ,Milo,
may be getting a little forgetful since he eats his food, leaves , then returns twenty minutes later expecting to be fed !!

But be assured we'll not go down without a fight!



  1. Haha I love this photo, look at Rufus with him arm so casually over the back of the sofa!!! So funny. And yes, having five dogs, I can completely understand how this goes :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. lol I know that Rufus believes he's in charge! He's just like a naughty younger brother, always up to something!
      Goodness could you image five retrievers ! They would defo take over the place, these two try hard enough! :) xx

  2. Ah, but five of your dogs only equals one Rufus, Sharon 😊.

    Great photo Dee. But what are you complaining about? The boys have been generous enough to leave you half of the sofa and, presumably, they have left Mr. Dad a big space on the floor to lie on......Unless the cats have that?

    'Home' for a few days so will be in touch. J xx

    1. That's true but then you've got five dogs heading in five directions or up to five times as much mischief !
      It is a good photo of them and shows their characters ! Yes they did leave a small space for one of us to squeeze into! Mr Dad does land up sitting on the floor where they then join him and pin him down! X