Sunday 10 November 2019


Well another week has dashed past ! It never seems quick while you are working it but it does once you get back to Sunday!

I thought I'd share this photo I took from the road looking at our front wall this morning showing the sun shinning through the smoke bush.

I'm really pleased with how the front garden as filled out and now we can only just make out if a car is parked in the road. Usually at the weekend it's mine to save keep swapping cars about.

It's been a very sunshine and showers weekend, and although wet thsi morning I'm pleased to say the sun came out and stayed for a good while. I cannot say it warmed the place up but it probably stopped it being really cold !

It was a three day weekend for me. I tend to rest up a little on the Friday getting a small lie in and then it's a leisurely breakfast along with a read of the newspaper. Then I'll potter about over the day doing household jobs etc. I did however this Friday sort out the old studio, so that my new arts and crafts wardrobe could be stored in there over the winter along with my old dropleaf oak table.
These were then moved into it and freed up space in the carport which now needs to be rearranged and sorted out, so that the cars can get inside for the winter.

Because we needed to concentrate on putting the garden to bed for the winter :ie wrapping up the banana's and dicksonian's and also moving all the plants that need protection inside the greenhouse or undercover whereever we can find some form of cover, that's how we've spent most of today Sunday. Along side all that Paul's also planted up ten very large pots with between fifteen and twenty mixed tulips each pot!
So we are looking forward to a lovely splash of colour next spring and summer.

I also planted up a long metal trough that we bought for out the front of the house back in the late summer and it's been waiting for some plants to see it through winter to spring.

 Primulas , primroses and winter pansies and a couple of cyclamen should do the trick.

Of course needing some fleece and also some plants for the trough involved a trip to the local garden centre and Christmas is coming so I had a look round their Christmas items and all was going well until I spotted this little chap!

Reginald ! I just couldn't resist him! Made of metal he stands about 26 inches high but is quite slim so doesn't take up much room. Although his diamonds are easy to fall out as you can see from his wand!I just need to find where it dropped to glue it back again.

 I'm so tempted to stand him here once December arrives and the door wreath is on, living in a village and in quite a quiet road he'd probably be safe however we do get deliveries so I'm not sure if I'll chance it yet!

Well as usually I had loads of plans for this three day weekend and only managed to do a few of them! The carport is half cleared and my car is now under cover but Paul will need to wait until next weekend's final clear out before his car can join mine.

A bag was put in the postbox for a charity collection on Monday and there is now a big pile of clothing and knick knacks waiting behind my car to be put out in the morning for their collection.

I never even got to look inside my studio ! never mind about sort it out! that will have to wait until this weekend coming. But I do have some clothes waiting to be put onto my Sasha's and Gregors , so I can get on with that tonight.

I did get to change my Kaye wiggs, Faun Elfine into her favourite outfit which was given to us by a very good friend a while back. She's getting to meet an old companion later this month and wanted to look her best!

So progess is slow in some areas and a little faster in others, also does not help when I change my mind about what to do first or whether to start again which happened with the clothes I'd got out for the girls.. should I put them in their brownie and guide unfiroms to join the boys  or should I start dressing them for Christmas!!!

Well on that note I'll wish you all a happy healthy week ahead.



  1. That front wall view is lovely - and I do love a man in uniform xx

  2. That tree is beautiful with the light filtering through it. And the front door looks great with the big planter next to it too.
    Elfine does look lovely in her pretty dress, it's perfect for meeting up with old friends too.
    Reginald is a very handsome fellow but like you, I'd be a little reluctant to leave him in that positing, just in case. Unless you were able to secure him down to the step in some way, he'd probably be better off out of sight of any light fingered individual that might happen to pass by and take a fancy to him :(

    1. Thanks Sharon.
      Yes I'd hate for Reginald to suddenly vanish off on maneuvers ! He's far to old for that ;)

  3. Your garden looks beautiful with its vibrant autumn colors. I love Reginald! He's the perfect holiday greeter. Perhaps he can even collect and forward on to Santa all of those Christmas wish lists that the village residents are mostly certainly compiling right now.

    1. Thank you :) That's a good idea for Reginald ! he likes to be useful and help out around the place , at present he's standing in the hallway by the front door, ordering people to wipe their feet as they enter!
      And no one seems to take offence because of the twinkle in his eye.. and the stories he tells them of his days guarding the palace.......