Sunday 3 November 2019


I must be having so much fun because time is certainly flying! Well I've had a busy week as you do :)
My working week was slightly different in that I didn't work Thursday because I worked Friday instead along with another Saturday.

Not working on Thursday turned out to be handy because I suddenly realised that it was Halloween ! and because I was home I was able to spend some time redressing some of the Sasha's for a Halloween photo, mind you I didn't cotton on until late afternoon so I was racing against the dark gathering items and clothing up and finding Sasha's willing to have a change of clothes, they are not always willing you know, in fact a couple decided that they were happy as they were and when off !

I could only find Christian to represent the boys ! The rest were off who knows where, no doubt up to some mischief or other!

Well it's not long till Christmas !! I know I know, too soon to be mentioning that word... but I've been so surprised that the shops have not been pushing Christmas on us since September that I've only just started to think about it!
Of course first on my Christmas list is Clara and last night I snapped up a couple of things for her Christmas present. I intend to knit her some cardigans, I just need to stop picking the wrong patterns! I started one last month and have almost finished the back but am now not sure if I've miss read the pattern, so It's been put to one side to be revisited when I have more time to sort it out.

The weekends weather is going to be a rainy affair, lots yesterday and more today but at least todays is less frequent , so they say! To that end I've just spent some time sorting out my old studio to make room to put my arts and crafts wardrobe in there for the winter along with my old oak dropleaf table which I cannot quite bring myself to sell. I listed it once and was pleased that noone actually bid on it! lol So now it's being tucked away until a place can be found or I finally have to give in and sell it on.
I moved a few things in my new studio which is almost overflowing with 'props' and needs a good day of sorting out and finding places for things. Now I have decided to use the top long shelf for storage instead of Granny Fortuna's shop  at day sorting that out will make a big difference and give me so much more room in there. Since I'm not working next weekend I plan on useing one of those days for studio time.

My 'new' to me sofa arrived while I was out at work and I came home to find it in place.

My girls are calling it my granny sofa! because it's got an old fashioned style fabric ! I have to say I've actually been wondering if I am turning into an 'old' woman with my purchases lately! But I don't think so as in truth I usually find myself just ahead of some coming trend! But either way I've always bought what I like and never gone with the flow!
It's a Parker Knoll large two seater ex showhome sofa. So was a faction of the new price and as been professionally cleaned and sold on. It's actually about 8 inches longer than our old sofa!

Paul had covered it with the large throw I use for the outside sofa's, this is to protect it when the dogs jump on it , especailly Casper, who believes that everyone wants him to keep their place warm if they get up and go out the room! However he declines to give it up once they return !

 I'm really pleased with it as our old sofa which had nothing wrong with it , had a lower back which meant I was forever having to prop a cushion up behind my head to feel comfortable , this sofa back is about 4 inches higher and as made a big difference. It's now just a case of 'wearing' it in. My old sofa is now where the Habitat one stood which is why my poor old Habitat sofa was cast out ....

Now I have a question ? How long does your kitchen table ( if you have one) stay clear of clutter?

This is mine this morning! Admittedly I did just bring the dollhouse in and also the clintons bag of christmas wrapping but behind the dolls house is a large box of tulip bulbs  and some other stuff under the clintons bag!  I completely cleared this table off about three days ago and by this morning it was only missing the dolls house and bag!
What is it with tables? do they have some sort of magnetic field that pulls in boxes, bags, papers, tins etc? I can usual find a cat or two nestled in or atop whatevers cluttering the table , then it gets left because you don't want to distrub them !!!
I will again clear this table later and I can almost guarantee that it will have acquired something it shouldn't have before the day is over!  Does anyone else have this problem?

At the Chat n Snap my friend Jane gave me a love gift for my Kaye Wiggs dolls, a woodland outfit.

This is a photo of my Kaye Wiggs elf girl Elora wearing it out in the garden. Beautifully made by Jane, she had also made a couple of her KW dolls the outfit and purchased soem toodstalls from John Lewis that she recommneded I purchase knowing how I love a good prop !

Here is the brown set I bought, I also got the green, they are meant to be for Christmas decorating but are just perfect for doll photos.

 I used them the other week with my JerryBerry doll for a quick photo shoot.

They are going to be great for some natural scene setting or using in other ways for photos. I do have some carved wooden ones but these are so much more realistic.

Well on that note I'm off to sortout a change of clothes for the Halloween kids and try and gat a few photos taken before the light fades and I'm back to hunting around for time and light by Tuesday!

Have a lovely healthy week ahead.



  1. Those mushrooms look perfect with your JerryBerry. I imagine they will become a much used prop.
    I had a lovely time at the Snap and Chat and so enjoyed meeting you. Thanks so much for all you do.

    1. They are! You know me I do love a good prop :) Hope you are about for another Chat n Snap :)

  2. Isn't the outfit Jane made just beautiful! I was admiring it on the KW Facebook group. And your lovely elf looks perfect in it. The toadstools look perfect for photos and your Jerryberry looks like she is enjoying being in her elevated position up there on top.
    I really like the cosy look of the new sofa Dee, I think it'll soon 'wear in' as they say, and will be really comfortable. I am glad it's not only my dogs then that think if you vacate a spot, whether it be the sofa or the bed, they have to jump quickly into it!!!
    Have a good week xxx

    1. It is Sharon, she is so talented and generous , it's handy having some one who loves props for their dolls just as much as I do and is willing to share where they found them.
      The new sofa is working out well, yes in a few months it will be extra cosy!
      Ha ha so it's not just the dogs in this house that do that ;) xxx

  3. Funny how dogs seem to find the perfect spot on a sofa, so I'm not surprised that your new one will make a cosy seat for Casper, it really looks so soft and comfy

    Ah the magnetic kitchen table . . . well to be honest, right now mine isn't too bad Dee, aside from the normal condiments, it just has a fairy door on it waiting to be finished and of course paints and brushes . . . my task for today.

    Love the little KW outfit and those mushrooms. I only have on mushroom and could do with some more, if only I could find some as good as yours. :)

    Big hugs,

    1. Dogs and also cats do know just where to find the best seat!

      A fairy door ! Sounds like an interesting kitchen table :)

      The mushrooms came from John lewis but you can find them in garden centres around this time of year too! Maybe check out your local one. Hugs xx

  4. Like the sofa Dee! I recently bought a velvet sofa and foot stool from Loaf, looked great when I ordered it but seems so down when I have to get up from it...or maybe I am getting old... and the sofa is fine!!

    1. Thanks Simps :) What colour velvet did you get? Grey? Silver? I was tempted by a lovely purple velvet one but it was way too big.
      I have to say it's probably age re how low it is! I love how they look but getting up from a low sofa... murder on the knees! :)

  5. Head resting and correct seat height sofas/chairs are a must especially when wanting to have a 'little nod' off during the afternoon or to sit comfortably in the evenings watching the TV.
    I feel rather sorry for your lovely new Sasha Studio as it seems to have become somewhat of a 'dumping/storage' ground rather than the intended place for taking Sasha Doll photos and stories.
    Wishing a very happy birthday to all those November birthday people.

    1. Exactly Kendal, a little snooze on the sofa in the evening can be a fine thing!
      I feel sorry for it too at the moment but once I get in there it won't take more than a day or so to get it ship shape! I still need to sort out proper lighting and also heating then I'll be up and running!