Tuesday 26 November 2019


A few months back I decided I wanted my boys to have scout uniforms. So I asked Ginny of A Passion for Sasha to make me some that matched the Gotz Scout Michal which she kindly did. Once they had arrived I decided that I'd like the younger boys to have a different colour scout uniform and settled on the blue.
Again I asked the lovely Ginny to make these up for me but this time asked for the neckscarf to be in yellow with a blue trim.
From speaking to a scout today he confirmed that the different groups within a troop would have different coloured scarves or trims to denote that group.

Ollie and his best bud Bertie are so happy to finally get their uniforms and are already trying to decide what badge they want to try for first!  Bertie suggested map reading and camping, saying he could then make his way home back to Wales using a compass and a map and staying in a tent!

Mrs Mum said she didn't think that would be a good idea with winter settling in and his poor Mame waiting at the other end for him to arrive!
Bertie took a bit of persuading that he would not be quite ready for such a long cold and lonely hike but finally agreed once Mrs Mum said she'd ring his Mame to find out what she thought!

Since we had an old boy scout present or was he a sea scout? anyway , he kindly showed us how to knot a scarf without a woggle, I wonder if you can tell which one he did in the above photo?

Well the boys are all almost ready for a few adventures, just need their belts, woggles, long socks and some equipment. Goodness this scouting lark is very demanding!



  1. Don't they look a cute bunch! I love the blue and yellow together, it looks so nice and bright. I suspect you'll get no peace now Dee, until they get their first badges done...and then of course you'll have to sew them on their arms!

  2. Wow, what a sharp looking bunch! I love that color blue. I'm guessing second from left was professionally tied? I'll have to show these pics to Rolf, as he privately believes that he's the only person in the world with a 'normal looking' nose!