Friday 3 January 2020


I had to work until 2pm on new years eve but many others did not, which meant the roads into work were pretty empty even leaving a good half hour later than usual. I still landed up arriving a good twenty minutes earlier than any others so sat in the car park behind the branch listening to a cd.

Because it's the Christmas period I am listening to Sia's album , Everyday is Christmas and singing along to the songs. I was rocking away in the car and started to think about turning up the volumn and stepping out the car to have a dance, I toyed with the idea for a few minutes, there was noone about and so what if I was seen? Maybe it would put a smile on their face and brighten their start to the day.. that nutty older woman at the bank dancing on her own!
A couple of women actually walked past while I was making up my mind , I'd almost decided to go for it when I thought... mmm would it make me tired? My leg still gives me trouble and while that thought hit my phone rang , a workmate saying she was stuck behind the lorry and the dustcart in the slip road, so I told her I'd driven through the multi storey carpark and back down (wrong way ) to our car park so the mood was lost.

But thinking back on it today, it makes me realise that I was in a good place, happy and enjoying the moment. That's what life is all about , enjoying those moments of true happiness and going with them. If I had bopped around the car park , it would have been interesting if someone later had needed to view our cctv and seen me structing my stuff at 8.25am on a winters morning , it makes me smile now as I think about it.

So my plan for the year is to enjoy the moments that will arise as I travel along , to embrace them and tuck them away for those odd rainy days when I'll maybe need a smile.

A whole new year awaits ! 2020 a new decade ! seems to me it was only recently everyone was saying the end was coming along with the year 2000 ! and now we are in 2020! The world will hopefully start to get it's act together, I'll do my bit where I can, recycling, upcycling maybe even get the bike out and add some actual cycling!!

Now anyone who reads this blog will know I like to make plans , not resolutions, just plans that I may or more often may not actually get round to doing! However this year I do need to actually achieve quite a bit due to my decision to retire around the end of July.

My mind is already looking to get rid of more items that are either no longer required or of use and so several days this month will be taken up with sorting out the things easiest to move on by donating to local charity shops or that should have been binned years ago.
Along side working on the house and garden, I also want to make an effort to get fitter and lose weight (an aim every year to be honest ) I seem to always start but never keep the effort up long enough to make a big difference.

 And if I'm a lady who lunches ( retired) by the summer, I will finally have the time to sortout my Sasha Studio , although I am hoping to have actually achieved that much earlier so that I'm using it.

I'm looking forward to working on the Chat n Snap railway station platform throughout the year until October and maybe even getting my Sasha's outfit sorted out in time, rather than the usual throwing something together the night before !

I'm also looking forward to getting some Sasha tales etc onto the blog in the coming months, these dolls are getting tired of being ignored as I waste time when I could be taking the photos for their tales.

One of the things I have already done is delete a game by daughter invented and is available to buy, I've had it since it came out on both my ipad and phone and will play it while 'watching' the tv or if sitting around. Well now it's gone which will free up lots of extra time that was being wasted away.

So do we carry on with the monthly doll shelf photos? or should be try something else?

Wishing you all good luck with anything you may want or need to do this year.



  1. I too don't make New Year Resolutions (or even plans!) but just say to myself that I must try to do or be better at everything. That way I'm hopefully not too disappointed in myself over the coming year as I do usually manage to achieve this in at least a few things.

    Good luck with your 2020 plans (retiring mid year will hopefully help) and I look forward to seeing at least some achieved and in action especially the doll studio stories.

    1. I'm never disappointed as I know people never manage to stick to all their resolutions but I love a plan lol
      So looking forward to retiring and starting that next stage of life :)