Sunday 26 January 2020


So now it's the last Sunday of the month! And a grey and overcast one at that! But none of the white stuff so I'm more than happy!
I'd love to give you a list of my achievements so far this year but just like most of us, it would be an incrediably short list! 
 I did eventure into my doll studio today, first time in a couple of weeks, I took this photo across from the door showing everything shrouded in darkness!

One of this years jobs is to get the electrian in to run some cable , so I can have some light and electric points.

Same photo but using the flash on the camera. The place is in desparate need of sorting out but at present it's too dark and cold in evenings and I'm working most Saturdays at present which just leaves late afternoon or Sunday.

I have decided to use the top long shelf for storage, but needs rearranging and to set up Granny's shop where the living room is.
I will try and find another space for the living room but first it all needs tidying and sorting out.

The poor dolls wait patiently for the door to open and a hand to reach in and take them out into the light!
One of the things I want to do is take out all the difference groups of dolls and take a group photo as in the case of my schoenhut family , there are quite a few more than the last time they were grouped together.
I have a week off in February , so maybe I'll get a chance to have a few group photos then, which would be nice.

I have to say that at present, with the short days and long nights, Sunday's seem to consist of lazy morning's reading the paper, drinking tea and sitting around making plans for when the spring arrives.

So on that note I will wish you all a happy healthy week ahead.



  1. Your studio is just brimming with possibilities, but yes, time is indeed always the limiting factor. It just seems like there's never enough time to do the things you need to do, much less the things you want to do.

    1. Yes it is definiately brimming! :) It's so true never enough time as you so rightly say

  2. I'm not REALLY envious of your wonderful studio space, honest Dee, I'm not.....! I'm not REALLY considering throwing my aging donkey out of his field shelter to replicate it...., or am I??
    I love seeing all the things you can lay your hands on to build a new story scene, as well as the dolls. Thanks for the peak into the behind the scenes world of your blogs.

    1. Oh no don't do that Jenni ! I'd have to let him move into my shed then what would I do with a donkey ? well apart from entertain the princess that is Clara ... I could also let it out onto the recreation ground behind us so it could keep the grass down for them as it would starve trying to find any grass here after those dogs have dug it up!

      I have to say I am spoilt having that lovely space and must get my act together so I can use it ! Come the spring there'll be no stopping me.... :)

  3. I had such high hopes for some fabulous story posts from this doll studio....!
    Luckily I still haven't given up on them and SPRING 2020 isn't too far away!

    1. Me Too!

      Yes soon you'll be say what another one!! lol

  4. Once the weather changes for the better I'm sure you'll get in there and get the place sorted out. You have a lovely lot of space to work with :)
    I would also like to take photos of my different groups of dolls, but getting around to it is the biggest challenge!!!

    1. I'm determined to start using it this year and have it ready for when I retire and can go play whenever I choose ! :)
      I am the same it's getting the time to gather them all together and then put them all back again! :) xx