Sunday, 19 January 2020


I started writing this post on the Sunday that was the fifth and therefore doll photo day, so Sunday's chatty post was put to one side. Then I totally forgot I'd started this post and wrote another.
So rather that waste it , I have added to it to bring it up to date, so a mix up of sundays today.

The last weekend of the December, we had a late Christmas celebration with little Clara and her parents, they came for the weekend and we exchanged gifts and had a lovely Christmas dinner cooked by my wonderful husband! Yes I am very lucky as paul enjoys cooking and my girls love his Christmas dinners, so if ever I say I'm going to cook it , there are cries of " But we want dad's ! " and who am I to disappoint them !

Before you think result! I do therefore do all the clearing up and washing up, with help from the dishwasher, and will deal with any food requirements for the rest of the day.

Casper also had his second birthday on the 5th, it does not seem that long ago he was just a little puppy wanting cuddles! He still likes to have cuddles! Casper also likes to bark when he's excited and his bark is very loud , he gets excited when we have visitors, so he can make Clara unsure and a little upset but it was lovely this visit as Casper only barked a couple of times and Clara was fine with it and was even giving him some sausage as a treat.

So two already! Next up it will be Clara who is two and then in May Rufus ! So 2018 was a big year round here! A Granddaughter and then two retrievers!

On the doll front I have already sold on one of my non sasha dolls this year ! and I'll need to have another hard look at all the rest and decide if any others can go! Although it's not my intention to have another cull but it doesn't hurt to re-assess what is standing about on the shelves or laying about in boxes.

Thankfully I'm passed the buying any old doll or adding more clutter to what I already have, especially this time of year once the new years arrived I seem to see all that stuff that's got no home or is never used and want rid!
But like us all, I start with the best of intentions and then fall by the wayside when it comes to the good stuff! Not wanting to just give it away but then never getting round to actually selling it. Although I did manage to move on some furniture last year, so there is still some hope!

This week's been a distruped one, due to Paul needing to go and stay with his dad overnight for a few nights before having to drive back home every morning to work. I did say welcome to the daily commute , since he works from home with only the occasional trip into London.

Thursday I came out of work and got into my car and must have had my left leg at some sort of angle it didn't like because it made me gasp as I sat down. Then I could not straighten my left ! everytime I tried a massive pain shot into my knee! So I sat for a while rubbing it and trying to straighten it but everytime pain! Eventually I phoned Paul to say I may need him to come get me and take me to A&E to see what I'd done to myself. He needed to collect Lindsey first, so we agreed he'd phone me back once he'd done that.
I kept rubbing and trying to straigthen my leg and suddenly I managed it without any pain ! I texted Paul to say I'd drive myself home after making sure it wasn't going to happen again! I got home fine but later my knee was aching, so obviously i've pulled or twisted something but I can straiaghten it and can walk on it ! No Idea what I did but I don't want to be doing that again in a hurry!

Thankfully my knee/leg was okay, as yesterday we attended a surprise 90th birthday party for Paul's aunt. It was lovely and so nice to see so many of the family on that side, that we've not seen for a few years, as one of Paul's cousins said, it's usually funerals these days that the family see each other on masse.

Today the sun is shining bright but alas the day is therefore very cold! There is talk of ice and snow ! I hope it's just talk! I do not like ice and especially snow because of driving in the stuff ! I was starting to hope that this winter would be a lovely snow free one but I suppose it's early days yet.
I can image those of you in countries like the USA, Canada, Switzerland etc rolling your eyes at my moaning about the few inches or days of snow we may get, when you look outside and see several feet of the stuff along with deep minus temperatures! which can last for weeks!
It's because we are spoilt here!, we only have a little snow now and then , which means we never get good at dealing with or driving in the stuff and see it, after the initial beauty, as a massive hazard that's fraught with danger !

Only Mary was dressed warm enough to go outside and enjoy some bracingly fresh air !

 I did ask if she wanted her hood up but she was happy to leave it down and get that fresh zing !

We had to go out the front of the house to take our photos as the back was too bright! So she stood amongst the spring plants in the new metal trough.

Most of the others are still waiting for their scouting jamboree ! and so are still in their uniforms and since that will not behappening until around March /April they'll have a long wait!

I may have sold another doll, which will be good but still need to have that doll review and make some decisions ! I'm still having a fight with myself not to buy some old bears! Don't know why I've starting going down that route, well apart from their sweet faces, but I have a big enough hug as it is, especially if I consider all the really small bears I own.

Well I'm off to have a quick look around the net, then get on with a few household things plus some planning! It's already the 19th and not a list in sight!!!

Have great healthy week ahead free of any snowly icy hazards.



  1. You have been busy and all the 2nd birthday parties coming up ;) you'll be kept even busier too!
    That surprise 90th party wasn't in Norfolk by any chance was it? Just curious!
    Well I hope you don't have any snow or if you do, it's when you're not working and you can just take some nice photos in it and not have to drive!!!
    Good luck with the selling, I hope to follow your lead and have sold one already and have another that is possibly going to a friend in the US.
    Big hugs and have a great week ahead!
    Sharon xxx

    1. Ha ha , No the surprised 90th was in Flamstead end.
      Thankfully so far no snow although I hear Spais had some bad weather lately.
      It's nice when the dolls sell isn't it! Not just because you get a little cash but because they get a new home and you get some much needed space. :) xx

  2. So good to see Mary. I was just thinking of her the other day and hoping she was still part of the Village.

    1. Yes Mary is staying and will hopefully be more visiable come the Spring and summer as the village could do with a little magic... ;)

  3. Except for the knee incident, it sounds as though 2020 is off to a good start for you. Congratulations on re-homing another doll.
    Happy birthday to Clara and the doggy boys!
    It's lovely to see Mary in her purple outfit - does she take after you in colour likes? How many residents remain at The Sasha Village now - roughly? And will more ever move in or are the doors closing Chez Mrs. Mum now?

    1. Apart from the knee it is , well at least on the home front. I do love a nice rehoming of a doll.
      Mary loves all colours even.. dare i say it.. Orange... or shades of... I will need to have a count up of remaining village residents. I'm sure there are still loads..
      Thew doors are sort of closing but there is just one more doll I would so love to get.... but time is running out now..

  4. Oh dear, don't you just hate it when you get a strange pain and you can't figure out what you even did to cause it?!? Give Clara a little time and I predict that she will be giving Casper a run for his money!

    1. Exactly! But I'm not planning or trying to do it again just to find out how I did it!
      I'm sure Clara in a yesr or so will be in total control of all things animal living at Grandee's house, she just loves animals or all shapes and sizes :)

  5. Sorry to hear about your knee accident. So maddening when things like this happen and hampers you getting on with the things that you'd planned...though a good excuse to stop and rest/relax for a short while.

    1. Thank you, yes it is maddening alas I really don't need a good excuse to stop... :)