Monday, 6 January 2020


I was using the china on my dresser and removing it and then putting it back once finished with and I had an idea !

So this first photo is the dresser as it was and the second one , I have removed or replaced items , or just moved them. Can you see what's been moved? and how many?whats no longer there?

A little fun for you , if you wish it.

So others can play, please just put the number of items you have counted, NOT the items and on Friday I will give you the list and number of changes and you can see how well you did !

Photo one

photo two.

Good luck..and please remember only leave a comment stating how many you believe are changed and not what they are, so others can also play along.



  1. Get over to the EB site items now up to 70% off....they have hooked me in :)

    1. Get thee behind me.... I near succumed ! I had several items in my basket before I thought NO! I must be good ! lol

    2. If only I had your willpower Sis! :) :)

  2. I counted 21 changes (that's counting items that moved one place to another as two changes).

  3. MMMMM, if Gregor Daddy is right, I must be seeing double because I thought it was 40....

    Bruce says I'm wrong and he makes it 36...

    Little G says there are a hundred things on there and you've moved a thousand of them - note to myself, he needs help with mathematical understanding...

    Jake says he kept losing count so is just guessing 32 and is probably right as he got reasonable grades in his homework by taking a running guess at just about everything....

    The cats, with their inbuilt attitude of feline superiority, say we all have too much time on our hands - especially you, Auntie D...

    and the dog wants to know how many times a day your two are fed, since they need all those bowls for their assorted meals and can he move in with them, please?