Sunday, 12 January 2020


"All the leaves are brown, the leaves are brown and the sky is grey
I went for a walk on a winters day... "

Yes It's sunday yet again and so soon... I'd like to say I had a very productive week but I'd be lying! I've in fact had a slow week and not really managed to get my act together house or other wise at all.

I've just managed to clear off all the Christmas plates and dishes , into the dresser cupboard and change the Christmas mugs for everyday ones.

I decided to put my antique china of the dresser shelves for a while.Not 100% sure how I feel about it but will leave it there for the next month. then maybe have another change around.

  Some of the china I have had for years but the yellow floral I started collecting last year. I intend displaying it elsewhere in the kitchen area but for now it can stay here.

I could not decide which photo showed the fabric best, the top with flash or the bottom one without, but I acquired these ten fat qtrs which were being sold under the name of the Standen collection, so having visited Standen and loved it, I splashed out and bought a bundle and , I'm really pleased I did as the fabric's are all nice, no iffy ones, you know like you can sometimes get in a bundle, so I'm really looking forward to using these. I'm already thinking about a doll sized screen based on the one I saw on my first visit to Standen house.

At present my mind is full of things that need doing around the house and things that need sorting out or putting away, so I didn't manage any doll play this week. So a bit like Santa I'll be writing a list and checking it twice, in the hope that some things will start to get done ! Including some Sasha stories.
I'll post the answers to the dresser moving/removing tomorrow in the meanwhile have a lovely healthy week ahead.