Thursday, 16 January 2020



1 / The christmas lights hang down, no longer stopping on first shelf

2/ Only four plates now on middle shelf

3/ The small Christmas bowls on top shelf are no longer stacked in two's but placed across in four places x2

4/ one small copper mould missing

5/ Christmas ball removed/missing

6/ Green and red chicken tin missing

7/ Jug from right  now in dish on the left on dresser top

8/ Two new winterberry bowls now on right of dresser top. x2

9/ Greenhouse tin now removed /missing from dresser top on left

10/ Tureen on left of bottom shelf now on right

11/ Gravey boat now on left not right of bottom shelf.

12/ Mini mug 25th Dec now on middle shelf instead of bottom.

13/ One one bowl now on bottom shelf in brights , there was another stacked inside in first photo.

14/ two mini stamp mugs , no longer on top shelf , now swapped with two mugs from lower shelf. x2

So 14 !

 Did you find them all? Did you find more? you can add the double, where two items were moved together, which I've counted as one move.


1 comment:

  1. Ah, we were working out only one small holly bowl to far left of top shelf, only one instead off two holly bowls to right of large holly plate on left side of top shelf etc. Chicken canister gone from left of dresser top, dark red money box(?)with star added to dresser top etc.
    Too much info and crossing over of gone and added items!

    It was good fun, even if I did go cross eyed!