Sunday, 1 March 2020


Yes that's right it's the first sunday in March and also the actual 1st of March! Lovely, I can only hope these storms will stop appearing every weekend and the days will begin to start warming up.

On Thursday we had snow!! yes the dreaded white stuff! Luckily it didn't settle although it had a good try but turned to rain and was over and gone by early evening. So if it can just stay that way until the winters over it will be perfect.

Today was in fact a lovely bright sunny day ,although still cold. We finally got to go and visit Clara and Courtney for the day !

So plenty of toddler play but no doll play for me!

  I managed to get this one photo before I needed to put the camera's battery on charge. It's Magda looking at some of the books that have arrived this last week. The blur of black at the back is Milo who wanted to know where he's dinner was and was unimpressed with books!

Although I have managed not to buy any Sasha's in January or February I did have a little splurge on some craft books along with some pieces of fabric. Not, that in truth, I really need any more fabric at this time but I am consoling myself by saying I'm getting stock in for when I retire and am living on a limited budget!

Now there will be friends of mine, who have seen my stock of fabric , who will be saying.. just how much does she need !! .. Well I can only say can never have too much fabric....on standby for that moment that the mood strikes and you want to be creative!
I have some plans for some things I intend to make once I've finished work and some of the fabric on it's way is for them.

In the front of the photo is a little wooden table I picked up cheaply for the dolls the other week and the books are standing on another little book stand I also acquired the other week, I may swap it for the one I was usually as a doll bench or place it elsewhere.

 So now it's March it will soon be doll shelf day which just so happens that the fifth is also World Book day, so if you have not already taken a photo to send, maybe you could give it a book theme ?

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy March and week ahead. Hoping anyone with a birthday this month as a great time.



  1. Hello Milo!!! Remember me? I'm the one you shared a bed with ;)
    Nice to see him again Dee, if only as a fuzzy flash :)
    You have been good though, only buying a few things...and I have to say, you can never have too much fabric, I know!!!

    1. He's getting so old now Sharon but still loves to sleep on peoples beds :)
      I'm glad you agree about the fabric ;) lol xx

  2. Thanks Denise for the month of March wishes. xx