Sunday, 15 March 2020


It appears that this new decade is coming in with a vengence ! Storms have battered the country almost every weekend and people are still unable to live in their homes due to flood water and now the world is being hit by a deadly, to some, virus!
 Due to this virus, the meeting that Petrana was holding for Sasha later this month has been cancelled but Petrana very generously sent out the gifts she'd prepared for those attending the event. She is also intending to hold the raffles , she had planned for the day, via the internet once she's got time to set them up.
I hope everyone will support her in this as the cause she supports is an important one.

 This is what I received from Petrana, a lovely bag, pen and badge plus one of her beautifully made dresses.

Since the Chat n Snap is not until mid October , at present it will go ahead as planned, hopefully this virus will have run it's course by mid year and everyone will be back to behaving normally.

On the home front, not a lot is happening due to other committments. The washing machine as given up the ghost, so we need to get a new one bought and delivered before the powers that be stop such things happening.

I have also been avoiding using the computer during the week in order to avoid any impulse buys and also spend time on other things.
I am continuing to try and reduce the amount of stuff we have filling the place , one of which is what to do about all our dvd's.

This is just one of the shelves of them and they are stacked two deep. I did once buy a case that could hold 40 disc's but then someone said that can scratch the disc's , so gave it await to a charity shop. But now I am thinking that I need to buy another one ! Does anyone store their dvd's not in their cases and if so what do you use ? and how have the dvd's got on?
Another course of action would be to get rid of a big chunk of them .. I could probably get rid of a few but it would not be enough to make much of a difference.

I visited a new wool shop that has opened up in my local town, of course I did not leave empty handed.

I purchased this lovely ball of multi coloured cotton, which is enough for a small blanket plus

a fat quarter bunch of 101 dalmatians fabric , which I want to use on something for Clara , her being an animal lover. It was nice to visit and see all the items available and I hope this new shop will get lots of support to keep it in business.

Last night we went to our friends join 60th and 40th wedding anniversary party. The music was wonderful totally of their era, 60's ,70s slowing coming up to date. I just love to dance to this wonderful music , so had a great time dancing away. So much that I have decided to use this as my first line in getting fit by putting on some great 60's etc music and dancing away for 30 minutes or so every other day! Living in a village and with a fifty foot front garden I don't stand much chance of any of the neighbours spying me strutting my stuff round the house thankfully but strut it I will be doing! I'll let you know in a month how I'm getting on!
I also want to get some new tyres for my bike, I have a beautiful black Paishley Princess which Paul bought me for my 40th birthday and I used to cycle around the kingsmeads and along the tow paths when I lived in Hertford. I have not really used it in the last ten years hence the need for some new tyres but I hope to start making some use of it once I'm a free agent in the summer.It has a great, some what now weathered  , wicker basket on the front perfect for a couple of Sasha's and a camera. I may need to buy a new cycle helmet but that's one of my retirement and get healthy and fit plans.

Well I must away and sort out buying my new washing machine and also sort through those dvd's.

I hope you all have a healthy and fun filled week ahead, keep safe.



  1. A friend of mine has one of those DVD cases and it holds LOADS of discs, she hasn't had any problems with hers. The DVDs slip onto these little pockets and it seems to keep them safe.
    I recognise the name on that wool, Katia, is it made in Spain? Or is that a universal brand? I have some from them here somewhere too.
    Keep safe and enjoy your bike!
    Big hugs xxx

    1. That's good, I cannot wait to make them all disappear into a very small space!
      I'll have to check that about the cotton, I'm terriable for colour a bit those who see sparkly things ! lol
      The bike is at yet just a dream xx

  2. Oh and your dancing!!! That sounds like such a lot of fun xx

  3. Such PLANS indeed! Will await to see how yours go as I discovered that most of mine never even got off the starting line.
    Very disappointed and saddened so far by 2020.
    In the meantime please take good care of yourselves and I pray that things will hopefully start improve over the next few months.

    1. Yes , wait but don't hold your breath , just in case...
      Yes not a good start to the year at all! :(