Wednesday 11 March 2020


Today was lovely and sunny , almost warm! So Saffron was able to have a wander round the garden and check on things.

She checks on the Tulip blubs in the formal garden.

They are coming along nicely.

The sun is quite strong as she walks through the Lych gate.

The small Japanese Cherry blossom tree is flowering well.

She checks on the mice in the folly!

It's very warm, Saffron wonders if she could have left her coat indoors!

 It would be so nice if it stayed bright and warm for the weekend, thinks Saffron, there is lots to be getting on with out here.

She stays warming herself in the sun and looking at the garden for a little while, then heads back inside to report on her findings to Mum.



  1. Saffron does look lovely in the sunshine and that's a very pretty coat she has there, the perfect pink for spring.
    I love your garden and the folly is my favourite part I think!
    Big hugs xxx

    1. It was nice to see some decent sun if only for a while.
      We are hoping to finally finish the follie this year.. she says.. lol xx

  2. Lovely to see the signs of Spring appearing in our gardens isn't it?
    Luckily this year all of my shrubs/plants etc have survived this milder, although much wetter Winter.

    1. It is Kendal.
      Good that all your plants and shrubs have survived, will make for a great display come summer.

  3. Wonderful to see everything looking so fresh and green, and of course, the lovely Saffron too!

    1. I think thats why Spring is such a loved month all the new growth and greenery telling us there IS warmer weather on the way!