Tuesday 10 March 2020


The days just rush by so fast at the moment.. well unless I'm at work...

Well what's been happening round here  ? Due to Paul making our bread most of the time, if we have to buy a loaf of sliced bread we find it not as nice and so bland! So now the poor man is making a loaf almost every other day.

Thi sone was Sunday's loaf set to rise.

Then cooked and almost ready to eat..

He also made a dozen scones... this is doing my waistline no good ! But I'm not complaining!

I also received a couple of items for the dolls last week , this little set of books.

to add to their collection and

This set of antique dolls kitchen tools with rack. This is going to fit so well in my old kitchen in the doll studio. I'm trying to decide if I should re-paint the rack or leave as is...

Only about seventeen working weeks to go before I am no longer in the rat race....

Alas with all this coronavirus spreading round the world, meeting and get togthers are being cancelled. Hopefully it will hit it's peak soon and then start to recover, hopeing you and your families, all keep safe and well over the coming weeks.



  1. Oh, I had the Nutshell Library when I was a kid! Those were great books (and the perfect Sasha size). Unfortunately all the books got lost except for Chicken Soup With Rice, and it's very beat up, although the kids still enjoy reading it. Thanks for bringing back some great memories!

    1. Yout welcome! It's nice to be able to find things we enjoyed as children and getv them for our broods :)

  2. Yum those look like lovely scones and a great loaf of bread Dee, Paul is a great baker!
    You've made some great purchases recently, those books and the kitchen tools are really cute, the kids are going to be kept very busy with those.
    I can see you're counting down the days now Dee, how exciting that finally you will be able to enjoy yourselves and not have to go into the bank each day, I bet you can hardly wait!

    1. He is ! Alas it's not doing my waist any good!
      I love finding things that will work with the dolls but it makes it hard to resist buying them!
      Someone told me I could get an app for my phone that will do a count down.. I'm tempted to get one! lol xx