Sunday 22 March 2020


So another week's gone by with things constantly changing out there in the big wide and worrying world. I've decided that I won't mention again whats happening around the world, we are all aware of it and don't need to only hear about that.
So I'll carry on telling you about what's happening around here and you should sleep like a baby .. lol

Well I spent most of Saturday afternoon sorting out my dvd's when I should have been strutting my stuff on the dance floor at my friends son's wedding. However I have been fighting off a cold all week and it decided that Saturday was the day it would arrive, with streaming nose and watering eyes , not a good look for someone's wedding photos. So it was stay home and snooze and then get on with something easy... well easy is probably not the right word.
Who knew how hard it would be to sort out several hundred dvd's into groups that made sense, then take them from their boxes and place them in new container and write where they were on a list !

The first 104 empties with many more to go! Lots of recycled plastic's here. These were the easiest to place in groups, but then it got harder !

While doing this long and taxing job, I spied something I really really wanted.. but it all went pear shaped!!! At this moment I am trying to make it happen and flicking back and forth with a very anxious heart! between typing this and obtaining a very much wanted item !

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY ... It worked ! Once the item arrives I will tell all of the saga but until that time I just have to do the anixous wait for the parcel !

So back to the dvd's, I thought that the container I'd bought would take all the dvd's but of course , if I'm grouping them , then leaving a few spaces for any new additions, the box was soon filling up while the table still looked very full !

But luckily I had bought another smaller container so I've now started on that one

slowly getting there

still a fair bit of space in this one, just as well as there are still about 70 dvd's to move.

So all those dvd's will now be in these two boxes and three shelves are now freed up for the books.

The trough at the front is getting nice and colourful.

 we moved some of the pots of tulip bulbs we planted last year out onto the patio, so we can enjoy when they flower.

 We put two more either side of the fig .

Alas no doll play again this weekend although I did take a couple of photos, of a Schoenhut girl.

She was showing off her balancing skills.

 I'll finish with this photo of some Hellebores which are flowering up in the raised garden.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy week ahead.



  1. Our pot of helibores is doing well - I thought I'd managed to kill them but they are in full flower now :-) Your DVD storage is giving me inspiration - now I just need to convince Ray that we don't need the plastic cases . Stay safe x

    1. That's good the Hellibores are still going strong :) It was because of the plastic cases it took me so long to do this. I kept thinking I needed them and all their details, now I think I'll just google anything I want to know about the film.
      It's made such a big difference spacewise. Good luck :) x