Tuesday 23 June 2020


 Robin and Adam are outside in the shade because today is very hot!

 Robin had been wearing his scout uniform but Adam had still been wearing his original Gotz outfit!
The tweed wool coat, with matching shorts, knitted v neck top and long socks.....

"Goodness you must have been baking Adam " Robin says " I thought she was never going to take you out of that coat! "

" Take my coat off !" says Adam " I thought she was going to sell me again! "
" Really!"
"Yes Really " sighs Adam " when she just left me sitting around in the bedroom, then the studio and I didn't get to come see everyone.. I feared the worse!"
" Oh if I'd known I'd have come looking for you !" Robin says " You know what mum's like for getting side tracked "
" I so do!"
" Well come on ! lets get back inside and with the others then she'll forget whatever plans she may have had ! " Whispers Robin

" We're just going in to watch a film " States Robin, nudging Adam towards the door...
" Don't you want to play outside " Mum asks, not really paying attention as she's trying to decide if the plants need watering again tonight .
" Will do that when it coold down a bit later " Robin says nudging Adam harder , then they make a dash for the back doors and vanish into the house.
Looking at the disappearing Adam , Mum wonders what it is she wanted Adam for?...... Never mind she's sure she'll remember sooner or later..



  1. Poor Adam! Even to think about wearing a coat makes me nearly faint. And on top of a knitted sweater.... with long socks.... GASP!
    It's so good he found something more suitable to wear. Certainly Mummy didn't think of selling him again. With so many kids, it just can be a challenge to do justice to everyone.

    1. I know I cannot remember the last time I needed to wear a coat , it's been so long!
      I think poor Adam was coming close to being on that adoption list! The change of clothes have saved him , now he's back in with his bro's :)

  2. LOL Poor boy, he really must be on tenterhooks every time he sees you, that you're going to put him up for adoption! He looks very handsome in regular clothes but my goodness Robin is such a handsome boy!

    1. I do believe he rushes off round the corner if he sees me coming ! Poor lad and I cannot even promise he's safe such a fickle mother am I! xx