Monday, 15 June 2020


You may remember the two dresses in the Tutti Fruiti fabric that the girls recieved a while back, well the lovely Ginny foumd another colour in the fabric .. cream!
So we placed our order the minute we heard and the dress arrived Friday, so who would be the lucky wearer!

Well It's Mabel Lucie in the Tutti Fruiti!

 Mabel Lucie poor child is a wobbler... badly in need of restringing!

 But she did a sterling job staying on her feet and did not fall over even once!

 In fact she stood in some great poses, not for her the two feet flat on the ground !

Such a sweetheart , who is surely entitled to be able to stand without fear?

She wears a pair of olive Rosie Bloom shoes which pick up with the olive green of the pears on her dress.

I really am going to have to gather together all these wobbly dolls and also find poor Olivia, whose been in pieces for probably more than a year!! and Ginny ( not the dress maker ) whose armless !!!



  1. Mabel Lucie is really sweet, she's another of my favourites of your girls. I love her shoes, they work really well with her pretty dress too.

    1. She is a sweetie :) I was so pleased to find I had just the right colour shoes to match the dress!xx

  2. That shorter hairdo suits her so well.... and the dress is adorable.
    It's so good to have matching footwear to go with your outfit! I just ordered some pairs of Wagner shoes for my Sasha kids. They need them!

    1. It's nice to have some shoes to match, not always the case. These kids always need shoes, they have way more than me!