Saturday, 20 June 2020


 Violet and Sapphire are excited at all the things happening in the garden.

They have discovered Mum's old metal shelving rack and are discussing it's uses.

 "There are all sorts of things we can use these shelves for !" states Violet
" We ? " asks Sapphire " It's Mum and Dad's shelves "

 " I'm surprised Mum doesn't want it somewhere in the house!" Sapphire tells Violet but Violet shakes her head.
" It's too industrial and Mum doesn't do industrial " she giggles " Now Auntie Simples does industrial "
" Well what are they going to use it for and outside!" Sapphire's confused

" It's for their soon to be potting area " she says excitedly " They can put all sorts of things on the shelves" she reaches toward the middle shelf " Small pots, tags, garden tools, all sorts of handy things for when you are working and potting up plants "
Sapphire's now thinking " hey maybe we could have one in our shed? "
" I wish!" Violet beams " but they only come in BIG people size "

" Are you sure ? " questions Sapphire " has Mum actually looked? does Mum know we'd like something similar? "
" Oh I didn't think of that !" exclaims Violet " Lets go and see what Mum says, you know she loves looking for items that are just right for all us village kids "

 Sapphire and Violet head off to find Mum and see if they can set her off to hunt for a metal shelf rack for their shed !



  1. Mum will certainly find something suitable, to make the girls happy!

    1. Mum is on the hunt, I cannot let the girls down! But it may take a while to find just the right thing :)

  2. We love those strawberry dresses, and currently have one on order.

    1. They are lovely, I only bought the pink one to start with but then realised if I got the blue the twins would be happy!

  3. Haha more spending ideas for mummy then! I'm sure if there is something out there then you will find it Dee as you always seem to find THE best props for your vinyl kids!

    1. And as if mummy needs any encouragement to look for more props! lol however this is more of a challenge but I'll find something eventually! :) xx