Wednesday 17 June 2020


Christian is over the moon that he's beaten the other boys to the new shirt from Ginny !

He knows the others are going to be so miffed he got in first ! Even a couple of the girls will be disappointed when he shows them.

He was so happy he came and got me! to take some photos before the others see him !

He starts to wonder if he can manage to keep one of the others from nabbing it when he's asleep!

 Then he remembers the boys code ! He who wears it first keeps it until he's ready to share  !

 "Okay Mum, I'm ready "
" You are? "
"Yes lets go show the my brothers "

and so we head indoors, I'm just tagging along to make sure they all behave, there could be tears so popular this shirt is going to be!

 The shirt is deeper in colour than shown here, celebrating the Mexican festival of the dead, I knew I just had to get this for the boys.




  1. You had to get this shirt! My boys are howling they want one just like this.
    Mind, they usually don't care much for what they're wearing. Probably their mummy made wardrobe is not cool enough.....

    1. Sorry But my boys would have done their own howling if they'd seen it and I'd not got them one! Sometime I just have to give in to them :)
      I'm sure they love wearing mummy's clothes x

  2. He's a very stylish fellow, but then with a name like Christian (Dior, Lacroix), I guess that's no surprise!

    1. Well he does try to be :) I will tell him what you said about his name , he'll be so thrilled!

  3. I agree, you really did have to get it, the fabric is perfect. I think Christian looks just perfect in it too, so I'm sure he should get to keep it :)

    1. Isn't it! He's hanging on to it, puts it under his mattress so the others cannot get hold of it at night while he sleeps! xx