Friday, 7 August 2020


 My baby's got blue eyes.... as Elton John sings....

Ashley, Evie and Martha my full blue eyed No Navel girls.

The girls got together outside before this hot weather arrived!

So happy to have these three full blue eyed lasses.


So three lovely girls, I could not be happier ! I had terriable trouble trying to add words between each photo, so finally gave up ! No idea what was the matter went away twice , just came back seemed to work only to alter again under the next photo!



  1. Replies
    1. What a good idea... I can see it now...long white dresses , fluffy wings and tinsel halos...well thanks that's Christmas sorted... :)

  2. Thank's Linda. I ahve found a way to avoid the problem happening but not yet resolved it!!

  3. I always like seeing your NN girls Dee, they're so pretty. Which is why I was so surprised that time when I got a No Navel girl for myself and couldn't bond with her! Weird.

    1. It's strange how some appeal to one and not the other! But at least that way there are a nice range of dolls in the group :) xx