Sunday 30 August 2020



 It's been a quietish week, what with all the wind and rain but we have had a few bright spells along with the rest. Yesterday turned quite cold, we even put the heating on for a couple of hours to take the chill off.

I finally found the cord for the Ercol chair cushion , so no more slacking, I'll have to set to and get it made.

The house is slowly getting more organised, I found a sweet little arts and crafts hallway seat with an umbrella/cane stand, which the seller very kindly delivered it all the way from Bicester !

Luckily he had a couple of collections to make on his way back, so didn't charge me for the delivery.


Before we had a separate umbrella stand and a wooden stool, for using when changing into boots to walk the dogs etc. Now this little unit does the job of both. Finally when we walk in the door the place looks tidy!

I also received a parcel of some old china, that funnily enough I found because a charity shop was selling an NP Sasha ! When the Sasha was on ebay I went to check her out and decided to see what else they were selling, in case there were any other interesting dolls.

But what I found was some of the old chintz china I collect, so I decided to put a bid on and see what happened. I was surprised to win , I did not bid a lot and thought I'd get outbid. They arrived on Thursday and I am so happy with them.

 Not only did I get this set but also included in the sale was another chintz patterned dish.


 So a very good buy.

 We  have ordered the wallpaper for the hallway /stairs and also for the dinning room area. Luckily when the email came to say they only had two rolls, it was of the dinning room one and not the hallway, so the hallway WP is on it's way and we have to wait until end of September for other wallpaper.

Since we'll probably still be working on the hallway , it's not a problem, as after the hallway , we plan on decorating our bedroom before coming back down to finish kitchen/dinning room.

I have also been spending time deleteing my doll photos on the computer as it belongs to Paul's company and since we want the space it occupies back and will buy a laptop, I need to get rid of all those extra photos in all the files that I no longer need and have just been sitting there for years. It's surprising how long it takes and that memories of dolls long gone are revived.


I found this photo of David pretending to be a salesman for Tomorite ! But he decided against it when he found it was seasonal ;)

I was going to post about the stairs but have decided to put that post on tomorrow or Tuesday.

So have a great healthy week ahead




  1. It's always a little depressing when the temperature abruptly shifts from hot to cold. Hopefully you will get a nice long stretch of temperate weather. That hall bench is beautiful and so handy! Too bad David gave up that job, as he certainly knew how to dress for it :-)

    1. It's not too bad when it doesn't last for days! I'm sure we'll be back to our usual weather soon.
      I could do with David keeping that job , he could help out now we're retiring ;-)