Sunday, 8 August 2021


 Well  I may as well start with a confession.... remember that rash and it was rash , idea I had of challenging myself not to buy any dolls, dolls clothes or dolls accessories? Well the dolls clothes failed the next day when I realsied I needed some summer clothes for my Gotz Hannah and Chloe ( happy kidz dolls ) so went and ordered some.

Then a day later I ordered a cat scooter for all the dolls to share and I had to order it now because it was on offer at half price! 

Then by Wednesday what should happen but a friend decided to list several early Gotz natterer dolls and yes I couldn't miss adding one to my group! 

So that was a big fail and then I remembered that I had decided that I shouldn't say I won't buy dolls as the minute I state this , dolls just tumple out of everywhere ! smiling and laughing and giving me the adopt me looks. But I didn't buy a doll until the fourth when normally that would have happened before the ink was dry on the challenge! 

It's been another week of sunshine and showers , with Paul working on a new project in the garden and me doing some cutting back and weeding. We have a large garden bin ,which the council collect for a small fee , every fortnight  and we also have three large composing bins at the back of our garden but still we always seem to have more garden waste than bins to put it in. The council will empty our garden recycling bin in the morning and usually it will be full to overflowing by late afternoon!

All this sunshine and showers are making the weeds appear almost as soon as we have turned our backs ! 

The new pergola and walkway will allow our wistera , roses and jasmine to shelter the seating and give some shade in the rising summer temperatures to come.

I've also spent a fair bit of time watching the olympics , which have been wonderful, seeing all the winners and also enjoying how well we in the UK have done this year too.

On the doll front , no sales this week although there is a possible sale ahead. But yes a non Sasha doll is on her way. Some clothes have arrived as I mentioned earlier and a cat scooter.

I also realised that the two new dols Prince Gregor and the Velvet have almost the same issue numbers ! The Prince Gregor is number 388 and the Velvet is number 3288 ! spooky or what ! lol I then thought should they be twins ?

So I took thisphoto of the two of them together. but I think they don't 'match' unless they are non idential?

A closer look and no I think Prince Gregor is an only child of royalty. I know there is a Princess Sasha but they have always gone for silly money , but the pintucks Sasha with the deep blue eyes would be a good match to PG. I don't think Ruby Red looks too happy about being a twin to PG !

So the Velvets together at last ! I looked at Violet's number which is 4413 and Sapphire's whose is 902 

Ruby also looks a little smaller than Violet and Sapphire but it could be the fact the others are wearing trainers and Ruby is wearing a pair of kidz and Cats doll shoes. I may have a measure up later to see if she's petite, her hair is also a little bit darker .

The twin's that were, asked their new sister if she liked gardening and she said... Yes ! Thank goodness although she did say she is especially interested in trees. So they are slowly getting to know each other and sharing ideas and information.

So no more challenges that relate to anything doll related cos it's never going to work !

And on that note I will wish you all a happy healthy funfilled week ahead.



  1. Not really twins, but I've always thought Prince Gregor and Velvet pair well together. Of course you have 3 Velvets, so it may be a high stakes competition to see who walks away with the prince - something that he will no doubt enjoy (men love attention like that, and don't let them tell you different).

    1. Oh I so hope they don't start fightimg over the Prince , who I am sure will enjoy the competition !

  2. Ha ha - Dee, never say never!
    Glad you got a cat scooter too - great aren't they? Bet there'll be fights over that.

    1. I know I should have learnt that my now ! lol
      They are all lovely the look of the new cat scooter, thanks for sharing the details xx