Sunday 22 August 2021


 Yes it's the third Sunday of the month and I have been busy doing nothing! Well I did do some things but not that much in truth, if you ignore the gardening and housework!

I did treat myself this wonderful tin from Emma Bridgewater ! What am I going to use it for ... no idea but I just could not resist it. Even Lucas thinks it's great.

He said he could use it for a bed but I told him no, I will find a use for it! Even if it's just where I can see it ! After all it's not the type of tin you want to hide in a cupboard

On the doll front, I have started on a mass clear out of dolls from most of my collections and will follow this with a clear out of props and also some clothing. Everything will be listed on my sales page and some things also on ebay. 

I spent some of Friday and Saturday ,sorting out some dolls and putting them into a sales box etc and this cleared up space in the cabinet ,which enabled me to get some of the dolls I'm keeping who didn't have a proper home , into a space and this in turn helped the studio start to be more excessible.

Because I then started finding space for other items. Some times just a small change can make a big difference. I moved out three wicker chairs from a shelf in the cabinet and replaced them with my long woooden bench, the three dolls are now sitting on that , which enabled me to get a small wooden chair also on the shelf and now all the dolls have a seat rather than one having to sit on the arms of the wicker chairs with the worry of him throwing himself out the cabinet when the door was opened.

The rearranged seating. The wicker chairs are now back hanging from hooks from the ceiling and the bench is no longer forever being moved out the way!

I will be busy over the next week or so, so will not blog next weekend but the week after. Which will be the fifth, so please send in them photos around that date, so we'll have something to see!

 I will of course answer any emails etc.

So have a lovely healthy fun filled couple of weeks and I'll be back soon.



  1. A shame Lucas has already grown out of the pretty tin, so can't use it as a bed. I wouldn't want to hide it in a cupboard for sure!

    1. He would squeeze in he tells me but I told him no and yes I need to have it where I can see it , I love it that much :)

  2. Lucas, you are a real cutie! It's no wonder that mum puts up with your antics :-)

    1. He is , especially when he's asleep ! ;)