Sunday, 15 August 2021


 Yes it's Sunday again! It's been a lovely week and the weather has been lovely mostly too. It been what I call english weather, hot sunshine with a dash of showery rain and later in the week a cooler breeze russeling the leaves! Perfect !

It was our 46th Wedding anniversary on Monday and we had a low key celebration at home, with a lovely meal and then watched a couple of good films. We'll save the partying until another time.

We have also started mixing again, although in a limited fashion. Our friends came to lunch on Thursday and we had a wonderful time, sitting and eating outside and didn't even have to go inside when we had a small rain shower, due to the gazebo's shelter. It was lovely to see them, it's been so long that we swapped Christmas presents! 

We have made arrangements to see more of our friends in the next few weeks, which will be so nice. 

I would love a few days away but not until all the mass 'holiday' crowds are over and the children back at school, I think we need to get through the next winter before throwing caution to the wind ! 

At least it looks like the Chat n Snap should go ahead this year, although I am going to keep it very simple and  keep lots of space for people.

We also had a new addition to the family, when my niece had her first baby on Thursday, a little boy, she is calling Henry Francis.  So lovely to have another little one in the family.We also got to go and visit the grandchildren on Saturday and had a lovely time and the weather was beautiful.

Agapanthus and Pineapple lillies.

On the doll front , one left , one's sale pending but several arrived ! Mind you two had been preordered just after I finished work last year and were originally supposed to arrive in February but with the pandemic and the boat getting stuck in the suez canel , they have only just arrived this week ! One arrival was my unplanned Natterer doll.

Also I bought a beautiful shawl off Diane Dukes, which Claudia showed off on Friday and I also ordered a sweater for Valentine from her.

Just love the colours here , so sharing again!

 I finally found the time and space to take a photo of most of my Roche doll collection together.

One , Emily, is waiting to be restrung after falling apart. 

I was hoping she'd be back together by this evening but I need to get the right elastic for the job but may not have time to do that until tomorrow, so she may have to wait one more day!

Clarissa my nice big , 19 in , Gotz Natterer doll new arrival , will make a great addition to my natterer collection. I will have to find some time to take a new group photo of them , now a few more older dolls have arrived.

I also want to try and get the studio sorted a little more this week, since I am almost there, although this last part will no doubt be the hardest as it will mean things may need to go, in order to find that space ! Plus I have decided to re arrange more of the shelves to suit the dolls rather than props ! 

I have so many irons in the fire as they say and not enough time! Well I'd get more done if I didn't sit around surfing the net!

So on that note I will wish you all health and happiness for the week ahead


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