Friday, 13 August 2021



Claudia is wearing a beautiful dress by Judith of Dolly Doodles, she loves the big red poppies on the dark blue background,

Claudia does like to wear red and although she wants to show off her new dress , it's a little chiller today so needs to add a wrap.

So she adds this beautiful soft shawl by Diane Dukes of Knits4sasha.

Now she feels lovely and cosy outside.

It's nice and long so is even keeping her back nice and warm too.

 Mmm I ask " Maybe we should see if one of your sisters would like to try the shawl ? "
Claudia give me a look ! " Well the answer to that is no ! I think it should be mine becuase it does suit me "
Well I have to agree , she is right ! 


  1. That dress really is perfect for Claudia, and the shawl is the icing on the cake!

    1. Claudia says Thank you, she is so happy to have these new clothes.

  2. The dress suits her with or without the shawl - with the temepartures we have here at the moment, I'd certainly go without!

    1. Claudia says thank you and yes now it's warmed up again! But she will keep it close for those more breezy days :)