Tuesday 19 July 2022



The temperature today, so far!, under the gazebo in the shade!!! 

Nop! I was wrong here is the temperature now at 14:20

Will we get to 42 in the shade????????  41.1 is 105.8f in real money!!! OMG I'm a 72 with a light breeze kind of person!

I'd do and lie down but it's TOOO HOTTT! 

In the words of the wicked witch of the west ... I'm melting...

Oh yes! Three pm and it's 42.1...


  1. Simply too hot! Better stay inside where hopefully it's cool...

  2. That's definitely too much! We had the hottest day last Tuesday, but we only made 38° in the shade. A day to stay inside!

  3. That's brutal. Hot here too, and very dry. We could really use some rain. There's only so much watering you can do.

  4. I'm so relieved we dodged that hot spell, by travelling overseas to the Sasha Festival. Mind you it was hot there too, though at least we had air conditioning in the hotel.