Tuesday, 5 July 2022


 Now it's July we start on the second half of the year.

Rick ( RoRoPo ) in Germany says you must always have a good breakfast to start the day and that does look like a very good breakfast!

Ursula's Grace is happily checking out the flowers that are starting to bloom in the lovely sunny garden.


Over in Gregoropolis, Barbara and Beatrix have decided to coordinate not just their clothes but even their ice creams, now that's dedication!

Over in Canada, Carol's little great granddaughter, Mya loves to play with this little Sasha baby when she visits.

and this little one, sits in Mya's chair waiting for her next visit, covered by a nice warm blanket.

Here in the village, Ginny's been checking out the work that's been done in the folly.

She decides to check out the new untwisted shelf! Could make a great place for Sasha photos!

Thank you to everyone for kindly sending in those doll photos, still time for more .


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