Sunday 3 July 2022


 I'm still trying to decide if the first six months of the year have shot by or not! But we are now at the halfway mark and heading back towards winter!! So, I'll say no more about that!

I thought I'd start by sharing a photo of my birthday cake, it was a quick photo I took on my phone to send to my granddaughter the princess Clara, she loves a nice cake! Now I am official retired and not skiving ;)

We have spent the week working in the garden and thinking about what needs doing and in what order. We had made plans to build our pond one way, then decided to maybe go another way and then finally decided to go back to the original plans with just a slight change! 

Now we have to wait until mid of the week for the materials for the next stage but will still have lots to get one with elsewhere in the garden, having decided that this year we want to get as much of the hard landscaping out the way as possible.

So, on the doll front not a lot if anything is happening. I did buy a couple of Sindy's along with one outfit and I received a beautiful outfit as a birthday gift from a friend for one of my Roche dolls.

Thank you, Chris.

I did get a little play with Robin, while he checked out what was going on in the garden that's stopping them getting any attention.

So, a new month which means doll photo day on the fifth, I will need to make sure I get a photo or two taken, so I am ready for a change.

Wishing you all a wonderful healthy fun filled month ahead



  1. Oh Dee! Happy, happy birthday!!! Belated, but wholehearted... Your garden looks wonderful and that cake very delicious.

    1. Thank you :) The garden is coming along nicely and the cake was/is yummy :)

  2. Hope you had a fantastic birthday, Dee! That's a beautiful looking cake :-)