Thursday 7 July 2022


Rufus who came to live with us four years ago today the 7th July at the age of eight weeks. He's been a delight ever since and is always wanting to 'work'


  1. Oh how wonderful! What a beauty he is. A true Golden Retriever. Really golden not that half white color people seem to like here. This is the dog a retriever should be...
    Never underestimate the friendship of a dog. It is nearly endless. Thank God for making the dog for us. It is the gift that came to us when we had to leave paradise. The piece of paradise in this our world. No one who does not live with a dog truly will understand this... But people living with dogs: Lucky we are!
    Happy home-day to you, Rufus!!!

    1. He is a handsome looking dog. He is a working retriever who are red and dark in colour. The pale and golden retrievers tend to be the show dogs. We call Casper our show dog lol, he will do the fetching and finding things but after a few times, he will stop and say enough whereas Rufus will want to find and retrieve things for hours given a chance!
      Dogs are a gift with their love for their family members and a well trained dog is a delight to have around

  2. What a handsome boy he is. Golden Retrievers are such sweet, good natured dogs.