Friday, 5 August 2011

IN PRAISE OF ............SHOES

One of the things that help make a Sasha or Gregor outfit complete are the shoes. The right shoes can make all the difference to whether the oufit looks good or really good. there are so many shoes out there to chose from but if you are anything like me , despite having lots of shoes for them, you will always be unable to find the right colour or style  for the outfit you have just put them in! Also just like your own wardrobe you will have shoes that are just waiting for the right outfit!

Unless you are luckly enough to purchase one of Vintage Sasha's outfits which come with lovely colour co-ordinated shoes but it's also nice to have to make up that outfit from scatch, a top here,a hat there.

You can get shoes for the 'family' from many places, on ebay you have releaserain and miniwoo, below are some pictures of their shoes.

You can get trainers in all colours and patterns, which help pull an outfit together.

The above outfits are complete with the trainers or you could put sandels on them for a more summer look.

 Trainers would look wrong with the oufits shown below but the t bar shoes give the dresses that smart formal look.

These are all mass produced shoes and trainers but out there are also crafts people making those shoes with a little bit extra. Handcrafted shoes in different styles and colour, one of these is Ruth of ruthsdolls , I have put a picture of some of the boots that are available in lots of beautiful colours.

And now we come to the shoes/sandels that made me write this blog on shoes. Out there are also craftswomen who make shoes that take you back to your childhood, the days when children were allowed to be children and not little mini me's ( get off the soap box Dee....ok) When Clarks shoes were King! Beautifully made sandels and shoes that came in various widths and sizes with and i quote 'growing room' and Rosie Bloomfield has captured that look of nostalgia with her sandels. I truely love these sandels ..

I would go to her wedsite and there they would be but always with a sold notice!! it was like pressing your face as a child  up against the shop window as the shop keeper took the item of your desire out to sell to someone else!!!.....then recently I looked at just the right time when rosie had put on some new sandels and I finally managed to make a purchase. A pair of navy and a pair of white sandels.
 When they arrived, they came in little white shoe boxes with flower tags attached to the sandels and the smell of new leather was beautiful. They even have the size 6 stamped into their sole.

And they just complete that look of little girl or boy not doll. They are not cheap but you are paying for a quaity product made with love by a talented craftswoman and should you have or buy a pair of these sandels you will know what I mean.

 I'm sure there are others out there who make shoes/sandels for Sasha's and Gregor's by crafts people just as talented as Rosie. It's just a case of finding them. When you read the sasha-L or mart group chat, people will refer to this persons shoes or that persons sandels but we newby's do not know where to view these peoples goods or make contact. We are just left tantalised by the pictures waved in our view.... I have seen sandels by Jean Jenson? they look worth investigating but where??? I have bought a pair of her slip on shoes but second hand from ebay but it's those sandels in all their beautiful colours that I see on Kendals girls that I covert!!!

Well maybe It's just as well I am still searching for these others, my sasha family have more shoes than me as it is but you know there's always that outfit that just needs the right shoes................................


  1. Gosh your Sasha family DO have a LOT of shoes! They really are all so wonderful aren't they?

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