Sunday 11 September 2011


Yesterday when the weather forecast looked so wet , I asked DH what we would do today and he said that due to the nasty forecast he'd make my Sasha Shelving!!!
 I did not count my chicken's espcially when the weather was bright but breezy this morning but we when off to buy the wood etc and then he set to.

I helped him carry the shelving up into the 'Sasha room', having spent all morning moving things about so it could fit in.

Here are some pictures..

It will need some wall paper later when I find the right style and size.

This is the top 'room' with a bed and the toy chest .

This is the top 'room' with the baby crib and chest of drawers.

This is top'room' with Dusty and Isabella trying out the bed for comfort while they discuss wall colours! Do not think the boys will like the Pink idea that keeps coming up!.

This is the play room(middle shelve) with Grace and Violet playing connect while Lara watches.

At the bottom we have Annie trying out the settle in the Kitchen/ Dayroom.

A view of two of the 'rooms' together.

these shelves are 18 in deep and 39 in wide and I thought that would be plenty big enough but I could probably do with another 12 in the width and 6 in the depth! Cannot believe how much room they need!

I won a chair on ebay this morning, have no idea where it will go!!

However this is what we have and it will look great once I have added all the bits and pieces to turn it into a 'home'.

The main thing is they have somewhere to stand or sit that will keep them safe and hopefully Dust free ! I have not mentioned to DH about the clear doors yet !


  1. Oh your husband is a gem building this for you! Would love to be a fly on the wall when you do get round to mentioning the clear doors! LOL

  2. Love the 'kids' rooms.... and Serenata is right you are SO lucky getting this built for you!!