Friday 2 September 2011


Today is so lovely and warm that Duncan decided to try out his new golf clubs.Tristan offered to be his caddie and Ben said he'd come and keep an eye on him too!

Duncan judges the distance to the hole watched by Tristan.

'What club do you think I should use with this tee?' Duncan asks Tristan

'Well I'm rather partial to the Orange ones with my tea!' he replies

Duncan rolls his eyes and sets about getting his position right.

Duncan suddenly shivers ' I keep having the feeling someones watching me! '

'Doh! I'm watching you !' exclaims Tristan
' No not you. I can feel eyes burning into my back!' states Duncan
'Its the sun. it's getting hot now ! get a move on '

Duncan makes his shot.
'Great' says Tristan ' Let's go in. All this talk of Orange clubs has made me hungry! lets go and see if mum's got any?'
'What talk of orange clubs! Only you were talking about orange clubs!!'
'Whatever... She may have some mint ones! I quite like them too but I'd rather have an orange one'
Duncan follows behind mumbling ' all he thinks sbout is his stomach! and what happen to Ben? He said he was going to come and watch'

' Another successful mission completed' thinks Ben ,watching his brothers head 'safely' back to the house..


  1. Well it certainly was a wonderful day for the boys to be golfing! Hmm...I wonder what Ben is up to!

  2. Love Duncan's outfit..he really looks the part!